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Friday, February 01, 2013

Doesn't Everyone Like a Schedule?...

The past few snowy months, have been pretty pathetic on the social front. Part, nothing going on, part people involved in their own thing, big part me not wanting to venture out in the cold, and enjoying PJ time at home with netflix, or watching my fabulously big TV. With...the cats, and the dog.

It isn't like I do nothing, I mean I do have a job, and I do make appearances at the gym every day so I'm not a total slug...but socially? I kinda suck!

It is so easy to get into a routine.

And I do have my weekly plan!!

I know what days I'll run on my lunch break, what classes I'll take at the gym.. and oh yes, my weekend!

Saturday mornings are reserved for a post workout Starbucks refresher, followed by grocery shopping, and then cleaning the house. I then spend my evening cooking the upcoming weeks food and snacks, packaging it for the freezer, and watching movies,  while also doing laundry.

Sunday? Sure, I have no plans, but it is the only day all week I do not schedule a workout, and I get to do nothing and feel OK about it.

Now, it isn't like I'm staving off billions of offers for social activities, it's just that this is what I do until something else comes along.

I just think maybe its time I start actively looking for more social activities, and stop sticking to my routine.

Speaking of not having much of a social life, I heard this song on the way home from girls night tonight, and it reminded me, that love or hate her, this is my town!! (no one but people who live in my area will even recognize this song)

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Teena said...

I tend to hibernate in the winter.