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Friday, December 31, 2010

Childhood Rears Its Ugly Head...

Remember how I said when we were growing up we were poor? Like not eating dirt poor, but Mom and Dad divorced and Mom didnt make enough to support us really, and for instance, once a church brought us food. A big box of it. To me it was like Christmas!

We'd get trash bags of hand me down clothes from Moms friends...it was awesome! We lived in a trailer, with possums and skunks living underneath, which was totally cool.

We were on food stamps, which was pimp, cus we could get whatever we wanted to eat. We never felt deprived. We use to get the dreaded PINK FREE lunch tickets at school so everyone knew you were poor. My school fines were waived for a few years, cus we were poor.

And all my clothes were bought from Acme Click where my Mom worked, I never had name brands, I always had knock offs. And never anything new, we had to shop while Mom worked, and give her what we wanted, and she'd "put it back" aka hide it under the shoe bin in the shoe department until it went on sale.

Instead of a Pound puppy, I had a lonley puppy. Which is so generic I couldn't find a picture. Instead of a Cabbage Patch, I had Pumpkin Patch kids. I did have a cabbage patch once the hype was over.

I actually stole someones cabbage patch kid in grade school. Well not technically. But it was in the lost and found and I said it was mine. Someone saw me with it and her brother said I stole it and I had to give it back.

I never disclosed that when I got my job, and they asked me if I ever stole anything. *gulp* Have you ever done drugs? Sure, I smoked pot, who didn't? Did you ever steal? No! Never!

The moral of this story is, I am still that poor girl on the inside. And I still get generic things. For Christmas, Mom didn't get me a Snuggie...I got a Fuzzie Wuzzie.

Which I like better than a stupid old Snuggie anyway.


Adorably Distracted... said...

that's awesome! I stole a thing of nail polish once. Not on purpose, it just kind of didn't make it's way to the belt and we didn't realize it till we were packing up the car... my mom was in a hurry, so she gave me a lecture about how what she was about to do was wrong but she didn't have time to go wait back in that line.

I mean whatever mom, a deals a deal...

Anonymous said...

That is fantatstic! I'm pretty sure I'd take a Fuzzie Wuzzie over a Snuggie any day!

Teena in Toronto said...

We were poor too growing up. I'm still not all that extravagant.

Happy new year ... all the best for 2011!