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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Uncle Buck...

I remember one time I got this list of how to poop at work. And described every annoying type of person in the bathroom. Like, the people that just hang out in the bathroom. Or the ones that fix their hair. Its like, get the hell out of here will ya? I have business to take care of.

Cats should have their own list.

I have four cats. But one, without fail, is a lingerer.

I have two huge boxes, for the four cats. Whenever I clean the box, Fozzie, will walk past the room about four times.

"done scooping out my piss and shit yet?"
She is also the one that has to always run 2 steps in front of me and act like she knows what I'm doing. "here I am running into the bedroom. Oh, you're going in the bathroom? (runs in front of me) Here I am to throw myself in front of you on the carpet and show you my belly...purrrrrrr"

She has to be the first to use the toilet after I clean it too, she can't stand it.
My cat also stands up to poop. I tried to get a picture. Does that make me weird? She stands in the corner and poops.

What are your cats quirks?


miss. chief said...

Yes. My cat suddenly HAS TO GO RIGHT NOW when we're changing the litter. Every single time.

Allison M. said...

When I owned my cat (he know lives with my parents), he would wait for me outside the shower. It was like clock work, then when I opened the door, he would waltz into the bathroom and walk into shower. It was a shower stall. He would always act surprised that his paws would get wet.

Apparently he does the same thing with my parents' shower as well.

LiLu said...

Our cats come RUNNING for pets whenever we're on the pot.

And I always give them.

MzAriez said...

Mixie is a stalker. She follows me everywhere. But, she has one bad habit. She is a straw thief. If you come into my house with a cup with a straw, she will continue to seek it out until she nabs it. And then, off she runs. Even if you are still using it!

Anonymous said...

Cute cat but it doesn't look real and it looks as if it's gonna attack. My cat stands to poop as well and every time my daughter cleans out the box, the cat has to go right in and use it. Odd cat.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

"Quirks" doesn't even begin to describe the behavior of The Lord And Master Of All He Surveys, Prince Bagheera.

When he's upset (probably due to lack of raw fish fillets purrloined from my cutting board) he'll take a stinky crap in one of his 2 litter boxes and then not bury it.

His favorite way to wake me for his daily 4 am fresh t-bone steak is to sit on the headboard of the bed and tap my lips and the end of my nose with one of his inch long claws. If I roll over he then proceeds to bleed my scalp.

And whenever he catches a mouse or a pigeon he bites off the head and eats it. Then he leaves the headless corpse right next to the barby out back --like maybe he wants me to grill the rest of it?

Quirks you say... HA!

Michelle said...

King Kitty Toth is a great alarm clock, every day right at 6:30 he starts screaming bloody murder. And it always sounds like NOWWW!!. As soon as we are up, he goes back to sleep. He also likes to tattle-tale on the dog. If she does something bad, he will get my attention and show me, kind of like, "That foul beast must be removed from my home at once!" and " At least I shit in a box"

heather said...

ugh. too many to name. hmmm.

yep. i have the one that has to pee first when i clean the litter box. i have one that begs for me to turn the water on in the sink so he can drink, which would be perfectly normal cat behavior except he puts his head under the water, lets it run off of his head and drinks the puddle in the sink. (you can see it here... http://www.flickr.com/photos/hpnotiq/4179713389/ ) his head is always wet.

Teena in Toronto said...

Whenever I clean the litter box, Byron is in there right away.