"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I'm exhausted. Working out exhausts me.

Maybe I'll remember that the next time I think about polishing off a block of cheese.

Or consuming an entire packet (4 servings) of mashed potatos. With cheese added. On bread.

Or having pizza until I want to puke.

Or a couple bottles of wine.

But I doubt it.

Cus seriously. I'm on track to be my goal weight. If I wanted to. I shouldnt' have to work out anymore than I do. I do however, need to stop eating like a champ.

I make good choices 99% of the time. But there are days still that I do all of the above. Or I eat the whole pint of ben and jerrys. Or 6 reese cups. And coke. Or, I opt to have fried tater tots for 89 cents at work as a side to my nice turkey burger. Or turkey sandwhich on pumpernickel and NO CHEESE. (and a coke)

I love coke. (coca cola, if it was the other, I wouldn't be lamenting)

My addiction is worse than drugs. Food.

You don't have to drink or do drugs to live.

You don't take an alchoholic to a bar and say ok, sit here and drink a club soda while I have a nice chocolate vodka and orange monster. (which btw tastes like an orange tootsiepop and is by far my new favorite shot)

I maintain my weight by working out. If I did better with food, I'd lose. I've been stagnant for like, 2 years. I gain and lose gain and lose gain and lose. I recently added the stupid incline to my runs, and I cant run for 50 minutes anymore, but I jog, and walk fast on an incline. I'm hoping changing my workout will do something too.

On that note, I'm going out tonight with the manfriend who I love to peices, to and drink, and eat pizza.



amanda said...

haha! i like your line of eating pizza until you puke.

working out sucks. i wish being fat was totally in the norm and acceptable and THAT'S how everyone wanted to look.

pshhh. guess we can't be that lucky.

heather said...

hmmm. maybe if i worked out a little, i wouldn't be gaining a few pounds. or if i didn't eat so many chocolate oreos.

Andhari said...

Haha we have the same problem, I've been stagnant but I definitely can't work out more ( or I'll go crazy ) or cut back..so far. I love carbs so much :D

mylittlebecky said...

food, ugh. that is all.