"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, September 21, 2009

Now you gotta Kiss me...

You didn't miss much in my life since I havn't blogged. I've been working on training manuals at work. Cross training, and trying to make a team out of people who don't get along. The latest with the annoying coworker is her husband that worked with us (in maintenance) was let go and got a new job. She's telling all the mantenance guys that our work sucks. And they should work there and make more money. It got back to their boss, and to me. She's going to be counseled. Again.

I wonder if they need any secretaries? Maybe she should find out.

I remember last winter or so, manfriend told me to buy a new car battery cus I had to have my car jumped a couple times. I remember I forgot. Last week I stopped at the circle K after work, and then my car just died. My neighbors were at the beach too, and my brother was at work til 12. I felt trapped. Luckily my girlfriend came to rescue me, and a nice young man hooked the cars up so we didn't explode.

That is, after I figured out how to open my trunk with no battery to get my jumper cables. My trunk remote didn't work. And I don't even have a keyhole to use my key. (whose bright idea is that?) I was trying to pull down the back seat so I could crawl thru into the trunk when my girlfriend asked if I had a trunk release in the car.

What a dumbass. Technology has spoiled us all!

My car subsequently died again, and we had to jump it to take it to Advanced auto. They told me my battery was in the wheel well and that they couldn't put it in for me. I was like, uh, we just jumped it twice. The dick didn't believe us and had to look for himself. So I took my business to Autozone.

Guess how much the cheapest battery was for my car? $79 bucks. It's large enough to probably run a small household on. I only drive a Stratus, not a freaking tank. I used a couple credit cards to make this happen, because I may have mentioned, I have a garnishment on my check, and Chase decided to close my only account with a substantial available balance. (I'm not bitter or anything)

P.S. It's my two year anniversary today with my manfriend! It sure went fast!!!


Carmen said...

Yay for your anniversary with the manfriend! And boo for banks in the USA - they really seem to screw you guys over. I had a negative balance for three years in University and my bank kept me.

Damsel Underdressed said...

Don't feel bad. Lately, I've been having dumbass moments myself.

Happy Anniversary! I can't imagine myself saying "years" when talking about a relationship. I've finally gone from counting weeks to months. That in itself is an achievement.

LiLu said...

Two years! Woot! Happy anniversary, dear.

Teena in Toronto said...

Happy anniversary!!

amanda said...

two years! that is v.v.v.very exciting. hope you are enjoying it!

and car troubles are the worst!!