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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eat the Rich...

So at work I had to attend yet another Diversity Class. Actually, I had one as an hourly employee that was required, then you are required to take 4 more as management. I took three last year and missed one, so I had to make it up to get credit for it. Work makes you take classes.

Continuous improvement or some shit.

This one was fun! You signed up to be a Sun (2 members) a Moon (4 members) or a Star (everyone else). I wanted to be a star. Each group represented a community. We each got a basket of "basic needs" each member had to have 1 fork, 1 plate, 1 napkin, 1 cup, 1 bottle of water, and as a community a bag of chips and a bag of pretzels.

You could use what you had to barter with the other groups to see what they had extra to offer, and there was a bonus to the group with the most extra things.

Being a star meant you were poor. We didn't have enough for each of us, which meant we had nothing to barter with.

The moral was the suns had way more than enough but wouldn't barter fairly, or give us anything. The moons, or middle class, gave us the only surplus they had, which was 1 fork and 1 napkin.

We offered to merge with the suns so we would have more than enough, and all be taken care of. The suns only wanted to keep their wealth and not help us.

It was really true to life.

The rich get richer.

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