"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Caught Between a Rock and...Two Gay Landlords...

Hey, I'm all about equal rights. I love - love, and I don't care who ya love, long as the love is real! Who am I to judge? I have more dates with my dog than with real human beings!

That being said, my landlords are the super cutest couple. I may have been known to peep out the window to watch one or both of them cutting my grass shirtless from time to time too. They love animals, and didn't charge me for my menagerie, so they are #1 in my book.

Cut to me watering my garden via milk jugs in my sweaty workout clothes, sweating bullets.. (I really need to buy a hose) when the landlord I don't write my check to, or  see unless there is something broken, or the grass needs mowed... pulls in, and asks me if I got my mail.

I hadn't. 

He was there to install a second mailbox on our porch where we deposit our rent checks. He asked if I could split the rent between him and the other landlord, because they broke up last year, and it would be much easier this way.

Dagger to my heart. Whose gonna be cutting my grass now? Ok, I'm done being selfish

He gave me a new rental agreement, which was just my original agreement, with his name written next to the other guys name. He said he was gonna call "the other guy" (whom I've been writing checks to for the 3 years that I've lived here) and tell him he talked to the tenants, and we were splitting the rent now.

Ehhh...I sure hope this is legit. I kind of want to call the other landlord, but it feels like gossiping. I would think that the landlord I mainly dealt with would be the one asking me to make a change....right?

And, he said to call if I need anything, but who am I suppose to call? What if calling one is wrong? Shouldn't I get something new in writing stating these things?

I hate nasty break ups.

I hate being in the middle of things even more. I am a total peacemaker!


Debbie @ Live from La Quinta said...

Ha! I love your title. Best ever :-)

If I were you I'd check with the other landlord. Without knowing what was in who's name, I'd be a little concerned about making changes based on one guy and his new rental agreement.

Urban Cynic said...

Awkward. Personally I think you should get it all checked out and make sure you know your legal obligations as the law doesn't usually take ignorance as an excuse!

Give the other guy a call and make sure you have all the legal documentation straight. x

Fizzgig said...

one of my bf's looked into the deed and it is in both of their names. but i did call the landlord i usually deal with. hes so nice and easy to talk to but it was akward to bring up someones personal life you only know on a landlord level....ugh!

Teena said...

I would check with the other landlord to see it this is cool with him before you start splitting the cheques or signing a new rental agreement.