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Sunday, June 02, 2013

The Volunteer Dog Whisperer...

It seems like I started out on this volunteer journey a long time ago! But I've only just begun!

My main objective was to walk and exercise dogs because I feel so bad for dogs who are stuck in cages until they are adopted. Some dogs...don't even get walked every day.

In order to simply walk dogs, the rescue where I volunteer required a lot of training. We all have to teach them the same style of walk, and basic commands. Waiting at doorways, heel, and sitting at crosswalks.

This is  my first official "walk" we did 1.5 miles and he went back into his kennel and crashed. what a rewarding feeling! 

But, since I always aspire to do more, I'm training to be on the dog behavioral team. After logging a set amount of hours with the dogs, I then get to spend time training them, and teaching them how to stop their "bad" behaviors. 

The day after I walked this little shih-tzu/terrier,  he was adopted! I didn't see him on my walk list, but his name was on the adopted board. What an amazing feeling! People really are out adopting animals every day! It has given me even greater hope!

I may not be making any money doing what I love, but I am certainly....doing what I love!


Debbie @ Live from La Quinta said...

What a great volunteer job! So cool that your shelter has a program like this. I'm afraid if I tried something like this I'd want to adopt them all. My record speaks for itself..the reason I have six dogs.

Fizzgig said...

ive been good so far. falling in love with them just makes me visit more often and want to help them at the shelter. im lucky my cats are all in their teens, or I'd have taken a cat by now! they wouldn't hold up too well with a change like that.

Teena said...

I'd love to do this ... but I'm afraid I'd get too attached to the dogs and want to take 'em all home.

Urban Cynic said...

You go girl - it's people like you that make the world a better place. You're brilliant.