"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


You have a lot of time in jail to think. Mostly, about how your life isn't so bad because most of those people were addicted to drugs, alcohol, or both. It makes the little things that piss you off seem nonexistent. You wonder why you got mad about this or that. I sat and thought about how good a few days in jail would do everyone who isn't grateful for what blessings they do have.

Their lives were always shitty, still are shitty, and they have nothing to be happy about. If I weren't me I may have gotten drug down into the abyss of sadness. I guess the only way you have a second, third, or fifth offense, is that you have a problem and simply can't stop yourself from drinking, and therefore driving. Because you certainly should learn your lesson the first time.

In Ohio, the "legal" limit is .08 which is a drink. I think most people assume when you get a DUI that you are loaded, and you deserve to be punished the way I was. You are impaired after a sip according to the law. However, many people had a lower BAC, because there is no limit in the state. All you can really do is never have a drink with dinner if you are driving, or leave the house or a party if you've consumed any alcohol.

I spent three days in an educational jail, which is...jail, aside from the fact that we had some classes. Where we really did learn a lot about the law. Which should really be more accessible to people who aren't already in trouble to prevent first time offenses, but what do I know. They assume that everyone has a "problem" and give you billions of tests, and assessments to decide if you do. However, you never meet with the same person more than once, or more than five minutes so how they decide that is beyond me. Some people were referred for more treatment, and are thus stuck in the system until it's complete. I wasn't referred but they did deduct that I am stubborn from their psychological test.


Everyone in that jail was pretty cool, but after three days with a bunch of women, people get on your nerves. It's jail, so we ate jail food. Bread block, (sometimes with a bonus peach, or blueberry..at least we think that was a blueberry) milk, and mystery meat, and thats if you are lucky. All we did for days was crap, and you didn't want to shower, but those of us in for 6 days, had no choice.

My three days in real jail, was worse. We were housed with men in the same building, who did whatever they could to get you to "show them something". We are instructed not to look at them and I never do. Who wants to first...pick up a guy in jail and second, be there any longer than necessary. They tell you when to get up, when to get down, when to move from one room to another, when you can go outside, when to come back in (three minutes later) and are always harping at you on the loud speaker for one thing or another.

All you do is lay in your bed, starving, in pain, and listen to people bitch and moan about being there, as if it makes it any better. You get tired of hearing peoples "stories". I lay in my bed and read, and cry. And think about whats really important in life. Which is everything I don't have in jail. I will never go back. I keep to myself to save from any of the drama going on, and time ticks by slowly. And you think. Alot.

It makes me feel better about life, because I do have something to come home to. My boyfriend doesnt beat me, I don't have kids missing me, and I am not going through any sort of withdrawl from a substance, locked in a room with nothing to do. I have a car to drive, and a place to go home to.

It sucked, and I have been shaking from malnutrition, and nerves for days. I am so happy to be done, that I can't say I didn't deserve it. If I had only gotten a slap on the wrist I'd soon forget the law I broke. I have this memory to last me a lifetime. So, while it sucked hairy balls that I had to go to jail, have party plates, a breathalizer, numerous fines, and liscense suspension, I can say that I did learn a valuable lesson. I'm alot luckier than 99% of the women I met these past few days, and for that, I am thankful.

And while I've been through a lot in my lifetime thus far, I can add to the list that I've been to jail, and I can truly handle anything.


Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

Glad you are out and ok!!!

Suzi said...

You know, I've always wanted to have the experience of going to jail for a few days. Seriously! I'm glad you got something out of it, even though it's not an event you wish to repeat. You have such a great attitude!

Carolyn G said...

Glad you are out. I would not have such a good attitude. But lesson learned and now back to real life. ((hugs))

Erin C said...

Well you did it and you came out better for it... that is all you can wish for yourself. It sucks that you had to go through that though and I'm so glad you are out safe and sound!

Allison M. said...

You went in on my birthday, or at least that's when your pardon me post was done.

welcome back.

heather said...

i've only ever spent one night in jail. and it wasn't technically jail. it was the drunk tank at the columbus jail. i was 18, out drinking with my sister (who got a dui). that sucked. it was a cold cement room, with a cement bench to sleep on and a toilet. i had to share the room with two other drunk women.

how long do you have your party plates? is it a year?

Fizzgig said...

Yes I made it, and ill never go back!

heather, 6 months. I'm over it all mid-march!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't you think you should get a tattoo to commemorate the experience? Maybe something like: BORN TO DIE ,preferably in a prominent location. Ahh, beautiful sentiment. By the way, .08% ABV for a 120 lber presuming metabolizing one drink/hr is 2 drinks in an hour. Did you know that caps and other dental work can positively skew your ABV reading, though it sounds as if you won't be needing any such defense strategy in the future.