"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, November 19, 2010

Doncha Know I'm Loco...(Not really)

I don't know that I've mentioned how completely and totally at peace I feel in my life after 6 months of constant anxiousness, sleeplessness, and heartache. I'm happy to be out of that spot for sure! And I hope to continue to do so!

On to better things. Like, the Four Loko ban in Ohio. (and other states that I don't live in so therefore could care less about) Can I live my life without this delicious $2 drink? Sure! But that should be my choice. Not the FDA's. Do the ingredients kill people? I have them all the time. I'm sorry people drink too much and died, but I guess then I'm also sorry that the homeless guy at the intersection near home is homeless because he probably drinks too much too. Only I bet its not Four Loko. It's probably something way stronger! Like whiskey.

I am also sad that countless people die in alchohol related deaths, and accidents each year, but that is all a result of people not knowing their limits, making mistakes. People die, but until we are all walking around in bubbles, thats the way this life goes.

You take your own life into your hands every time you step out the door. Birds could poke your eyes out! You could fall down the stairs! A wild dog could attack you! Vampires could stalk you! So, should we have birds' beaks cut off? Pad all the stairs? Kill all the dogs? (not the puppies!) And battle vampires?

My beef with this is mostly that more and more choices are being taken away from us. I'm not really political, but I'm also no dummy. I have to pay an extra tax to tan, because its not good for me. The 1500 warnings posted in the salon didn't tell me that, so I have to pay more ...to drive the point home. It has nothing to do with making anyone richer.

I smoke, so I pay like $5 in taxes per pack of cigarettes, but thats my choice. I know they are dangerous. Kids are going to take the new reformulated Four Loko, and add red bull to it. Probably more than is already in the pre packaged drink, and more will die. And then who's fault is that? Red bull? Or the kids? When do things become a persons responsibility?

Is it the Honda's fault Joe Schmoe lost control and crashed into a family? Or is it a horrible mistake made by Joe?

You know what they are doing these days? Besides buying up all the sudafed, and making ME feel conspicuous when I have to sign for this LEGAL drug at the pharmacy counter, and wonder how many times is too many before I'm flagged as a meth head?

Their huffing fermented poop to get high.

Look for poop to be banned soon. You will all be ordered to stop pooping, because kids could steal your old poop and sniff it until they are in such a poop stupor, that they probably die. When I was a stupid kid, we took cold tablets. I bet if you take enough cold tablets you can die. So everyone should have to suffer with colds, and have them banned? Please.

Too much of anything is bad. I think you learn this the first time you eat a whole package of zero bars in a day. Or a whole gallon of ice cream. Or a whole two liter of coke. Or drink beer, and wine, and vodka, and pucker, and you get so sick first you eat some guy on the streets chili cheese fries in the flats of Cleveland of all places....and then your Mom has to pick you up cus even your own husband abandoned you to wallow in your own puke. What? You havn't done those things?


Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

my friend heard about the ban yesterday and actually went to ever beer distributor in our area and bought the rest of the 4 loco they had in stock. he now has almost 100 cases...what a freaking idiot.

Gorilla Bananas said...

I don't think smelling poop can kill you. I've smelt plenty of elephant shit in my time and it just made me grumpy.

Fizzgig said...

bird shit:
i totally know where to get some underground now! stay in touch! lol

It wont kill you but its spose to get you high. I dont think i want to try it though.

I bet elephant poo is way worse.

brookem said...

i agree with you about things like four loko. my manfriend tried and reviewed it for his job last week (tough gig working in the beverage industry), and though he said the stuff kinda sucked, i still don't think it's right to take it off the market. because what, college kids will now "be okay?" like they won't instead choose to load up on more redbull and vodka, or just go straight to shots of absinthe, since that stuff is legal now? if it's not one thing it's another.