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Monday, November 15, 2010

AT&T Phone Home...

I've been without the internet. Oh...pretty much forever. There was a time for like 6 months where I had it. And then my computer died from my undying devotion to limewire, and its disease ridden music. *sigh*

I got that work from home gig w/cha cha right, so I need the internet. I get a laptop from a friend, and have been now trying to get the internet since October.

Did you say trying?

Yes. I said trying.

I went with AT&T because I hate the cable company (time warner) in my area, and if you bundle with Direct Tv which I have adored for the last 7 years, your internet is $14/month for the $45 teir, and $10 off my cable bill so technically my internet is $4 a month.

That's called womens logic...spending money to save money. Gotta love it.

So far, my interaction has gone as such:

10/25 call to set up service. Ask if i can use the modem i already have.

10/25 call tech support go over modem specs, sure, modem will work, just need a new plug

10/27 buy new plug for modem, $27

11/5 My appointment for internet. Get home, no internet. Call tech support. Well its hooked up why doesnt it work? Go thru a billion tests.Wrong modem.

11/5 Buy $75 modem at Best Buy. Call Tech Support. No internet. Oh yea, I see here, that they noted on your account that they needed access to your apartment.

11/5 Why wasn't I informed that they needed access? They couldn't know why, they are simply customer service. Reschedule for 11/10 - with a note to call so I can give them the access they didn't have prior. Oh I see here we rescheduled your appointment, they left you a note. A note? Um, no note. No call. No nothin.

11/10 AT&T never calls. I go home, try net. No net. Call them. Um....why didn't they come out? Oh, it says here they came out and hooked you up. How can they have done that when they came out a week ago and needed access and now they don't? Oh they couldn't tell me why, they are simply customer service.

11/10 we're going to have to reschedule your appointment for friday the 12th. Someone has to test your lines. Oh, cus that couldn't be done when i took off work today and you never showed up? ok.

11/12 leave work at 3:30 to make my 4-8 window. Get an ELECTRONIC PHONE CALL at 7:30 that they were unable to make my appointment. They would have to come tomorrow 8-5. Tomorrow meaning, Saturday.

11/13 stay home on a Saturday that I had things to do, and never got a service call, or a courtesy call that they were not coming.

11/14 8am AT&T starts calling. After I had been out drinking four lokos and pudding shots the night before. Besides isn't today sunday? Didn't you say Saturday? Yes, I thought so!

11/14 AT&T shows up at my house, and decides that my phone jacks were disconnected during the remodel of my duplex.

11/15 Me, still no internet. Have to call landlords.

I would think most other internet providers would've not taken 3 weeks to figure out my jack wasn 't working.


Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

AT&T is the worst!!! I just dropped them after being with them for YEARS and now have Verizon...I love Verizon! I am also lucky enough that my bf works for a cable company so our cable/internet is free

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

oh no, that's the worst. i had an internet hiccup with ATT when i first moved because i gave them the wrong address... whoops.

Teena in Toronto said...

We have everything with Rogers ... our phone, cable and Internet ... so we get a bundling discount.