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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Setting a good example...

I work for a ginormous company, that is the corporate headquarters for lots and lots and lots of retail stores.I get to work today and we have two emails. All of home office systems are down. So you know, customers can't call to ask about their credit, or complain. When people can't complain they get pissed off. They start going up the chain of command and guess who works at the top with the vice presidents?

They turned off the phone number to customer service. Gone. You don't think people will find a way around that?

And I don't like customers. I did my time working with the public at Taco Bell for four years. You want to talk about time served. That's time served times 10 because they are 99% drunk, high, or both, plus I worked in the ghetto for most of that time. People stole our toilet tank cover almost every day.

No computer systems. How do you run a business w/no systems?

This reminds me of those late nights at the bell when I'd be the only one working (yes, we always had to CUT HOURS as shift managers) and I would be so slammed w/drive thru drunks, I never had a second to drop meat. So, I'd periodically run out of chicken, or beef.

Try telling a drunk person you don't have chicken or beef at Taco Bell.

Those are the days that I'd turn the lights off, and pretend to be closed. If you ever drove up on South Arlington Street Taco Bell and it was closed when it shouldn't have been after 2 am....I was probably managing that night.

P.S. This girl also scored Cav's tix in the company suite in two weeks!

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Teena in Toronto said...

I bet that didn't go down well.