"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, February 15, 2010


You know my life is so busy. I mean, I have a full time job, a manfriend, friends, family i dont see much, 5 pets, laundry, a driveway to keep free of snow, and trash to take out on Sundays. I like to nap on Mondays, and sometimes I'll nap on a Saturday or Sunday if I'm snuggling with the manfriend, I'll doze right off, he's like a warm sedative.

I workout every day for 50 minutes during my lunch break, so techically I get no downtime during the day. I'm always on. Unless you count this...um, blogging. I have to sweep every day, cus I have 4 persians. This week I've had to do it all by hand cus my belt broke on the sweeper.

I have to wash my dog blankets every other day, because she smells so horrible, and she has to get a bath every other day, and have her ears cleaned daily. I also have to diaper the dog and clean up her potty pads.

Once every six weeks I have to sit for two hours while I get my hair hi/low lighted, and colored, cut and styled. That's really a lot of work too.

I have about 24-40 hours of TV to watch every week, along with an occasional red box rental here or there. Sometimes I have to buy food, and I tan at least 3 days a week, that's an entire 20 minutes. Of which...I usually nap.

I mean, how do people have time for kids?

Reason 762,890,2099 not to have kids. They take up too much time, right? And obviously, you can see I'm super busy.

I got mad at my cat for crying in the kitchen saturday night while i was cooking. I mean geez, you're a cat what can possibly be wrong? You only got 23 vs 24 hours of sleep?

I even made time to go here this wknd for a friends birthday. (cant wait!) I think they may have made it too safe, and too safe sucks. I like the old days going all willy nilly down the hill on a real tire innertube and flying off or smashing into a tree.


Damsel Underdressed said...

Maybe the cat was bitching at you to just take a break already. I mean, sheesh...the cat only has one hour free to spend with you. ;)

Andhari said...

Wow you're definitely my rolemodel with all those busy schedules yet still holding it down so well.

Teena in Toronto said...

Just reading all this made me exhausted!

heather said...

i hear ya! full time job, five cats, teenager, husband and a house to keep clean. but i'm lazy, i don't exercise, unless you count getting on the wii fit once a month exercise. i kinda favor the t.v. over exercise.