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Wednesday, February 03, 2010


If you are living under a rock and didn't watch Lost this isn't for you.

If you are also watching lost, and didn't watch last night cus you have the patience of a monk...don't read.


Whats the dilly with the flash sideways? The producers said its to show us how messing with time (resetting it) changed things. We noticed a lot of differences on this plane ride. They stressed that the changes will not affect the outcome of the characters thus far. Also, the reason it was underwater was to show that their "resetting" time affected the world, not just them. Innnnteresting.

For instance....things on the plane...
Rose was the one comforting Jack on the plane. Rose also didnt have the ring on a chain around her neck as in season one.
Charlie "died" on the plane.
Frogurt was on the plane, we didn't see him before.
Shannon wasn't there ( I heard that she wouldnt come back to the show)
Why was Desmond there? And did Jack know him?
Where were walt and michael?

Other stuff..
Did Locke know more about Jack's dad than he let on? Or was he being "Locke"
Why did they mention Lockes knives being gone?
How long has locke been the smoke monster? since his encounter?
Is Jacob now in Sayid?
Who are the new temple others?

Did Miles really hear Juliette? Or is he still a faker.

Who watched and what did you think?


LiLu said...

I just don't get LOST. There, I said it.

rueschmike said...

The smoke monster took the body of Locke - the smoke monster is the guy in black on the beach talking with Jacob in the second to last episode last season if I remember correctly.

You have to think of Locke as two different characters per se - I think. The original Locke - then the Locke that we came to know at the end of the season when the smoke monster took his body.

Fizzgig said...

lost is a committment. So, thats understandable!! you cant just watch it, you have to be involved!

yea, the man in black is locke/monster. I want to know the origins...why does jacob bring people to the island for him to kill off?

rueschmike said...

I've read some blogs that suggest the perhaps Jacob took over Sayid's body.

Fizzgig said...

I think this may be right. And, I think they will fight to the death. those two would be bad-ass!!!

Teena in Toronto said...

I've never watched it ...