"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Jealous Much?

Well last weekend we got 15+ inches of snow. I couldn't open my car door to warm it up til I dug it out. Snow was up to my knees. The awesome thing about it is this is the day I decided to park all the way at the back of my drive. So, I had to shovel the entire thing to get out. I was sore for days.

Funny how people can come to my house to beg for stuff, but never offered to help me shovel. I sweated so much, I kept thinking its an awesome workout!

This week, I'm on a super top secret project at work. That goes sort of like this.




Only do this in super slow motion cus our computers are shit. And, sometimes you have to repeat the lather three times because when you go to rinse, you realize the lather didn't work. Or you have to rinse 5 times, and sometimes you do all three several times. I'm told this super secret project is on-going. And should have been done yesterday. I have to lather, rinse, repeat, about 30,000 times. Without including the repeating, before the repeat step is needed.

Pretty much, I have the suckiest job in the world for a while. Meanwhile, its busy time. And I have to still manage my staff. While trying not to bite their heads off.

This is why I get paid middle class wage. (not the big bucks)

Also, I gained 4lbs on superbowl sunday. I ate mac and cheese with like 4 lbs of cheese, and my yummy buffalo chicken dip. And chips. And chicken, oh and lots of beer. Luckily I have lost 3 of those 4lbs.

As I like to tell the naysayers (or people who dont have a weight problem) 4lbs can turn into 10, 15, and then 20 in no time. You have to keep an eye on it. I didn't lose 70lbs for my health.

Ok, maybe I did. But I'm not doing it again! I still have 30 more to go!

My gas bill went from 27 dollars to 169. I signed up with a cheaper supplier, but they didnt apply it yet. So, since I'm super frugal, I turned my hot water tank to vacation, and when I get a bath, I turn it up. And, my heat went from 55 degrees, to 51. I bundle up. I make it work. I will NOT have a $400 gas bill like everyone else.

I'm still in super duper love, have a roof over my head, and my car is running like a champ at over 125 thousand miles (go stratus!) so not everything sucks.


Carolyn G said...

Boy you are super frugal. And in Ohio, it must be tough because it;s probably super duper chilly!! i am glad to hear things are going well.

Teena in Toronto said...

We have very little snow here.

Sounds like quite a feast! Yum!

Andhari said...

Seriously your neighbors need to be electrocuted if they can't even return the favor, they don't even have to shovel all the way or something. ugh. Hopefully you're recovered from those exhaustion.

Ps. Superball feast sounds really yummy.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

i like how you bitched and got it all out by ended on a happy note, i like your style

heather said...

yep, i got all that fun snow too. and i keep hearing rumors that we may be getting more!

i'm very frugal too. i have a 2001 stratus and it has issues like the airbag light is on and it keeps making new noises, but it's paid off and i'd rather drive a paid off car with issues than make a monthly car payment.