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Friday, February 12, 2010

Merry Valentine!

Happy Valentine's Eve, eve! What are you doing to commemorate the holiday? Personally myself and the manfriend are making dinner together, maybe see a movie, and have drinks! I don't miss the days of going out to dinner and waiting 2 hours for a table. Seriously. If that makes me old I'll be old.

I am making peirogis. From scratch. I'm polish on the dads side, so you would think that I have this down pat or something, but I've only ever made them once before. They take forever. But worth the wait! I've been wowing the manfriend with my cooking ability latley. I kept it a locked up secret.

I blame my mom. The whole cow/free milk thing. The way to a mans heart is really thru his stomach. Especially when you can fill it deliciously!

I've been stressed out at work trying to do everything at once. We have the month of February to do our reviews, and suprise! My big boss wanted the scores weeks in advance (cus word on the street is we may get raises this year. And for some of us (ahem) BONUSES!) So I had a day to do them on top of "the project".

Your review is not something you want your boss to do in a few minutes. But I did. I can pull anything out of my ass at the last minute. I think its a gift.

Enjoy the weekend. If you are single, buy a jug of carlo rossi! Everything is better with cheap wine!


Andhari said...

Big AYE for cheap wines, or cheap booze in general. Lol. I'm big on last minute works as well too, I used to think it's a disadvantage. But you've convinced me differently :D

Happy valentine's day!

heather said...

i love cheap wine. my favorite? lindemans shiraz. $12.99 for a big ass bottle and it's usually on sale at kroger for $10.99.

you're my age so i'm thinking maybe we are getting old because i want to celebrate valentines day and our wedding anniversary (feb. 15th) by staying home, getting good snack food like cheese & crackers, drinking my cheap wine and playing the wii with my hubby. who the hell wants to go out in all this snow and cold and have to wait two hours for a table and sit in an over crowded restaurant and get crappy service because the waiter is stressed out from the job and pissed because they have to work on valentines day! so yeah, i'm old too.

Damsel Underdressed said...

We went out to dinner last night and I am making brunch for tomorrow because Indubitably has to work at 3:00.

Menu: Cheesy breakfast casserole, creamy hash browns, and a cherry coffee cake.

Most of it I can prepare tonight. The hash browns go in the crock pot. The casserole is put together the night before and I'll bake the coffee cake tonight. So tomorrow should be a breeze.

Happy Valentine's Day!!! :)

Teena in Toronto said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'll be spending it in Nova Scotia ... I've visiting with my sister.

Fizzgig said...

man you all made me hungry again!