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Thursday, February 04, 2010

How far can you stretch chump change...

I got my tax return.

I'm super excited cus normally I owe money. Now, mind you, I still owe the city that I use to live like $700 but thats a work in progress.

I dont have a lot of money, so I decided I'm going to leave it in my "savings" (which is a second checking account because my credit was so bad i wasnt allowed to save money...but i could write bad checks all I wanted. Soon, I'm leaving first merit) and start some seed money. Once I have a start, I don't like to touch it.

Then I'll go to the beach this summer and visit my sister. I mean, its free room and board. Well free room, and you can buy your own board and make it for half the price of eating out 3 meals a day.

But theres a billion other things I think of doing too. Its only 3 figures. By three figures I mean in the hundreds.

By hundreds I mean not even half of four digits. Four digits being $1,000. Hey, I'm not complaining. I'm not paying!!

Things I dream of doing with a measley couple g's (by g's i mean hundred):

  • Buy a new bed. Mines been broken, um, alot.
  • buy new brakes so manfriend can fix them
  • get new tires cus my rear ones are "putting it mildly" bald
  • Get my hair done
  • Pay off my employee account at work so I get an extra $30 a pay in my check (but until I stop using it, whats the point?
  • Buy new draws, and bras this is an annual event
  • get groceries. I mean like, things in the cupboard if the world ends, ill starve to death. And since my cats are so cute, obviuosly, they'll outlive me. I can't eat them.
  • buy matching rugs for my kitchen and bathroom. (i have a mismatch assortment of rugs, and I always thought gee, wouldn't it be nice to have matching rugs?)
  • Buy seasons 3-5 of Lost...used of course, to save money
  • buy this cus i want one desperatley and really, i spend like $12 a week on buying the bottles of seltzer water
  • buy a dresser, and im not talking some fancy thing, i would get a goodwill dresser and paint it white like everything else in my house
  • New sneakers. what else is new
  • buy plastic to finish covering my windows to save on my gas bill
  • I'm out of Wexler. My skin is paying the price too. Ok so the wexler, I might have to get!
  • buy a second hand bar for my dining room because I have room for one, and it would be totally awesome
  • blow it all on vodka and wine

In other news, I have been trying to push myself in the gym latley. It's hard. You get into a routine, and I'm like, well as long as I run 4 miles a day I'm good...but honestly its been like a year. I should be running more miles. I don't love it...so I decided to spend more time on the eliptical, and the bike, at higher/harder levels. It's kinda nice to be sore the next day. I missed it.

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Teena in Toronto said...

I'll be doing mine soon too ... I hope I get $$ back. I worked half the year freelance and will probably owe.