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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Snow Business

Who lives where it snows? Well, when you live where it snows, you know that every year its the same thing.

It snows for the first time, people freak out, accidents happen, assholes in SUV's speed by you and then spin out 50 feet in front of you and cause everyone else to spin out.

In other words, its awesome.

But for years, we've had like 2 or 3 bad snowstorms, and the rest of the winter its just frigid. I don't mind frigid. I mind snow. Mostly, cus of other people. Other people suck.

This year, it seems they have forgotten that it's the state/city/dept of transportations job to keep the roads safe for us to drive on. And by safe I mean, plowed. Like, at all. We got a couple inches each day it isn't like the past when we get 10 inches crapped on us and there is nothing they can do.

Instead we have to drive on the expressway bumper to bumper at a speed that doesn't even register on the spedometer. It makes driving to/from Cleveland (for whatever reason. ahem) an hour and a half instead of a half hour.

I've decided someone is to blame, so why not blame the president. He is trying to pay off the national debt by not keeping the roads safe, and why not throw in his stupid health care plan too.

1) stop salting/plowing roads.
a) save money not paying workers to plow
b) save money not buying salt for roads
2) all employed people will be either:
a) late for work and be fired
b) killed in a car accident due to negligence (which can be blamed on the 'economy' somehow)
3) unemployed people will take dead peoples jobs
4) unemployment benefit payouts cut at least in half
5) kill off old people with new healthcare plan by not paying for stuff cus "they dont need it"
6) pay off debt with dead peoples benefits
7) Get richer, and laugh at the rest of the idiots who voted for you.

I'm one of those idiots.

Reason 785,583,234 not to have kids. The state of the world kinda blows.

p.s. I'm still super duper happy...


Allison M. said...

were you driving AND taking a picture at the same time?

Gotta love Cleveland.

Fizzgig said...

not like you can drive at any rate of speed. The crappy part is its been opposite of akron. so if its nice here, i think its nice in cleveland and its a shitstorm of slush and ice. Now I know why old people move south. Sigh.

Teena in Toronto said...

We've been lucky in that we haven't had a lot of snow.

It was slushy yesterday which made for treacherous driving.

Fizzgig said...

canada sounds better every day!

heather said...

it's not horrible here in central ohio. although the news keeps threatening us with a horrible winter weather advisory. first we were supposed to get one inch, then two to four, now three to six...all of which was supposed to begin at six this morning and i haven't seen a single flake fall. (but we have plenty on the ground already.) yeah. i'm with you. i hate snow!!