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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm not old....

I'm not old, but I remember cassette tapes. Actually, my Mom had a buick, with an eight track player in the car. And my sister bought an adapter when she inherited the car, so that she could play tapes.

Tapes were cool. I remember listening to them so many times that sometimes they'd break, and youd have to perform surgery on them, with scotch tape.

If you got it right, it just skipped and muffled the sound for a second. If you did it wrong, the damn player would eat your tape. Then it would get all mangled up, and ruin an entire song or something.

And, if you performed surgery you also had to rewind it. This required a #2 pencil which sometimes worked beautifully, or my personal favorite, the letter opener.

I use to wait all day while baking my skin in the sun to hear a song on the radio to tape it. Then, if a song was particularly awesome, you'd have to dub it on to another tape several times in a row because it took forfreakingever to rewind. And you'd pass it up, and have to fast forward.

At first, I had to use two boomboxes to accomplish this, and hope that my mom didnt call my name or anything and ruin my taping with the boom boxes face to face.

Then they got fancey, and "dubbing" was invented for the rest of us. Then high speed dubbing, when you could record a whole tape in like, an hour.

The first tape I bought was Madonna.."Madonna" incidently, my first CD was Madonna "Ray of Light" .

Madonna happens to be my favorite.


Teena in Toronto said...

I finally bought an ipod a year and a half ago and threw out my Walkman and about 400 cassettes!

I remember the days of records and 8Tracks. Scary!

Cyclediva said...

My dad had an 8 track. I remember listening to Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Elvis. Not my kind of music, but it sure makes good memories.

Fizzgig said...

i moved 4 boxes of vhs and a ton of tapes. i got an mp3 from manfriend. otherwise id still be using my CD walkman. lol which is better than what you had i guess!

they were so big and only 8 songs. lol

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

I used to have a car that came with an 8 track player. Ahhhhh, blissful memories of the HUGE backseat in that '67 Olds Delta 88!

texang said...

Thanks for the memories! Kids nowadays have no idea that time, care and thought that went into making a mix tape for someone you liked... No idea. :-)

heather said...

madonna happens to be my favorite too.

i remember calling the radio station and requesting a song, then waiting for ever with my finger on the pause button so i can hit it right when the dj quit talking, and quickly enough not to miss the first line of the song. i was so fancy with my boom box with the dubber. i made all kinds of mixed tapes... dance, love songs, rock, oldies...