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Friday, January 22, 2010

Anatomy of Facebook status changes...

When manfriend dumped me for no good reason (as we will now refer to this incident) I instantly deleted him from my friends list on Facebook. You know, as a little FUCK YOU, buddy!

He retaliated by deleting all of my friends and family. All but three.

Next I changed my relationship status to "single". This is all very important business in the facebook world. People take notice, there is a buzz in your circle of friends when things change.

We both blocked the ridiculously ugly skank he was hanging out with. (still shocked about that one!)

When manfriend and me got back together, I changed my status to "its complicated".

I friended manfriend again, and asked him to delete anything I didn't want to see.

About a week ago, I changed it to "in a relationship".

Yesterday I checked manfriends profile. It still listed his old job (from May) and he was single.

I sent him a msg.."you still have your old job listed, and also btw, your still listed as single"

Today I checked his profile. His job was changed. His relationship status...was not.

aww snap!

So, naturally, I changed my status back to single.

Then, I sent him a text..."ummm considering the circumstances (meaning dumping me for no good reason) the fact that you changed your job and not your relationship really bothers me, and seems intentional."

He responded that since we are both single now, did I want to go out for italian tonight? (manfriend thinks he is funny) and that it wasn't intentional.

Manfriend changed his status to in a relationship.

I changed mine back to in a relationship.

Q: Now...the question is... who initates the "with so and so" portion of the "in a relationship?" and why does it matter so much?

A: I think him since he dumped me for no good reason...and it just does.


Narm said...

All I know is that after everything he has done I will not "become a fan" or "like" anything about manfriend. Dude has some serious sucking up to do.

Fizzgig said...

i think he should buy me a car or something!

Narm said...

Two cars, some diamonds and a chocolate chip waffle. Minimum. Maybe hash browns.

Damsel Underdressed said...

I don't know. That relationship status thing drives me nuts. I have a friend that will change hers after only three dates. It's been seven months (tomorrow :)) for me and I only deleted my relationship status all together. Otherwise, it's just so much to keep up with!

I didn't get your relationship status change(s) on my feed page though...

Andhari said...

He should take you for a really fancy vacation somewhere exotic and even then it wont make up for what he did.

I'm totally on your team.

It matters so much because he has hurt you like that and it's normal if you put your guard up.

Allison M. said...

I love the Facebook drama. The BF has this girl who follows his every move then texts him about it because she doesn't want him to see it. hahahah

Teena in Toronto said...

If FB didn't provide you with a status, it wouldn't have happened. So maybe Mark Zuckerberg owes you the car ...

Carolyn G said...

Wow it is complicated. I am not sure who is right. You both are single but in a relationship. I call shenanigans but since I don't know him, I shouldn't judge but you know I will. It's funny because people do notice little FB things like that. When I got married last year, we didn't change our status from in a realtioonship to married and people complained. We were like WTH? So we had to change it because of the uproar.

heather said...

fb is such a funny little obsession we all have. sometimes people get sooo offended by my status updates because everyone assumes they're all about them.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...


you are back together with manfriend?!?!

what did i MISS?

Patti Cake said...

I changed my relationship status and boy what an uproard did I cause...my situation is waaayyy complicated...sigh. I ended up just deleting the whole thing. In your case IT'S THE DAMNED POINT!

Fizzgig said...

def hashbrowns! thats the cherry!
I deleted them from my feed, aside from going back from single to in a relationship.

i wont hold my breath for any exotic vacations lol. though, it would be nice!

thats classic. it is funny the way people act on there sometimes it feels like high school!!

this is true. I think you're right on with this!

i know, its funny the way that people notice those things. thats how you know when people break up and hook up! its the millenium~

sounds like people have their own issues! lolnot having to do with your status updates!

you missed a post lol. thats all. its been for like a month.

i agree, it was the piont. he asked if i was mad about it and i said not anymore. but i was at first.