"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, October 09, 2009

Sofa King...

I'm back to work and fabulous. Not in that order thought. I had a great time in Columbus with my manfriend. Who at like 6:00 realized the wedding was not at 4:30 but at 12, so driving to columbus in our wedding clothes wasn't an option. We pulled together a hotel, got to my house, fed the kids, and settled in our hotel by around 11:30 Saturday. Not too shabby.

The wedding was outside Sunday. Freezing cold. On the water. Isn't that picture pretty? It is if you like the city. I guess. Oh, but they had their dog at the wedding w/a bowtie on. CUTE! And it was vegan. Which I liked, but manfriend is a meat eater. So the cabbage peirogis werent his favorite. I think he ate two potato ones. We had wine instead.

And then ate at the bar afterwards.

On my agenda was to clean my garage, and I took cushions off my couch out there thats been there like 5 years. And, there was a mouse nest! Eeeeek! So I screamed and went inside. My mom came the next day to help me drag it out to the curb. We got a lot accomplished too.

I'm all kinds of excited to be back at work. My annoying coworker annoyed another department in my absence. I already talked to her about it once. While meeting with my boss and bosses boss today, bosses boss said "coworker is not pleasant to interact with, I asked her how she was in the hall yesterday and she growled at me....she actually made that noise"

It doesn't suprise me. She's a mental case. She makes weird noises. I said "oh she didn't feel well yesterday, that's how she expresses herself"

And I have to manage that betch!

P.S. on my spark people site, it told me to increase my calories by 500. I'm spose to eat a MININUM of 1700 calories to support my workouts. I think I might just work out less. That's too much food. I am tempted to fill that 500 with a ding dong or something.

I got to spend 4 nights with my manfriend, which was pretty much a slice of heaven. And I get to see him tomorrow, where I'm having a party.

my landlord said im a good tenant and not to worry about paying the penalty money! Yessss


mylittlebecky said...

i think i might be dead if i surprise found a mouse nest *shudder*

hope your party was faboosh!

Teena in Toronto said...

A vegan wedding? I'd probably starve and would be pigging out at the bar afterwards.

Andhari said...

Wow a vegan wedding sounds unique. I might try a small plate of everything then guzzle it down with vodka or something. I'm not a big meat eater but no meat at all even eggs sounds a bit too extreme for me.

Anyhoo, your landlord is a sweeetheart :)