"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Over You, get over me...

So like, a few Saturday's ago, my phone rang at 8 am. Who calls me at 8am on a Saturday? I dunno, I answered it. Suprise, it was my ex BF. Z.

Now, he's called me plenty over the years. I told him a bazillion times that I'm happy now. For a long time I just ignored the calls. Always caller id blocked.

Last time I talked to him, he wanted me to write a letter to the prosecutor to get his felony esponged (sp?). "I paid my dues" His felonly? Breaking and entering into my house while I slept, waking me up, and terrorizing me.

Maybe he didn't attempt to murder me. But he did hold me against my will, and threaten to kill me, and push me around for a couple of hours.

Since then he has called a lot. Left me msgs telling me to answer the phone. And called some more.

I was caught off guard, when he said he just called this time....to see if I'm married.

Are you married?

I asked. Why do you care if I am? I am very happy now.

As if he wants to demean my happiness, because I'm not married yet. It pissed me off. He wanted to let me know that he is finally having his felony esponged from his record.

"good for you. "

"It is good for me, you know i have been unable to get a real job because of that."

I think he was unable to get a real job because he lacks any non manual labored skill. And he's a drug addict, but whatever.

He wanted to act like what he did wasn't wrong. I reminded him that he broke in my house, and hurt me. He seems to remember it very differently. But the grand jury didn't.

Even though, I may have changed my story, as most abused women do, so he wouldn't go to jail, the state still found him guilty.

And he still calls me.

At first after we broke up I liked it that he called me. It felt good that he thought he messed up with letting me go. I talked to him for a lot of years. I even saw him "casually" a few times.

Of course he messed up, he didn't even deserve me in the first place. I am not that same girl.

I've so moved on. I love me now. I didn't then.

Some good news is that this weekend, that man and woman I mentioned may have come to an agreement. By agreement, I mean that the man also said he would marry the woman....

(They are not engaged.....)


alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

im sorry you had to go through with this and that he's still trying to fuck with your head.

stay strong lady.

Katie said...

Z does not work because to quote him, "Working is not for me!" I will never forget and refer to it often.

Andhari said...

can you call for restraining order? I hate what he did to you, it makes me mad.

Fizzgig said...

thank you! I am woman hear me roar. lol.

its not for him. sponging off women is for him.

he doesnt know where I live. he's a total tool

JP said...

I'm glad you didn't help him... He can't let go of you because you're the best thing that ever happened to his pathetic life... I'm glad you've realized he's not the best thing in your life.