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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Not so Glowing Review...

Yesterday I gave annoying coworker her review. In said review, I made mention of something I had verbally counseled her on back in May. She was rude to the mail room and asked for her own mail box because she thought she was important or something. She gets confidential bonus information. What. Ever.

The supervisor called me. I talked to annoying coworker, she apologized and said it wouldn't happen again. I keep a "performance log" on each person, its very detailed. I use this for reviews. So I don't forget what happens. So if someone denies something, I have proof.

So when I come to that part on her review she says "that didn't happen". I said "annoying coworker, it did happen, we talked about it, and you apologized, I documented that conversation"

She came up with a totally different story. And wrote it on her review. She's delusional. Seriously.

She got a lower score than her last supervisor gave her. She got almost the lowest score on all her "interpersonal skills" areas. My boss's boss has to sign off on them. He signed and returned it to me with this note:

"I'm really suprised the score was so high w/the counselings and other issues I would have given her a "1" in (notes interpersonal skills sections) This was a gift."

Yea the boss's boss doesn't like you. You're in trouble.

Her score was in the middle section of the scale. I mean she does a great job, she just has no personal skills. The rest made up for her mediocre score.


Narm said...

Socially Awkward people need to have their own island - far away from me.

Andhari said...

It's like she cant function as a proper human being at all. Annoying but pretty sad, if you ask me..

Allison M. said...

Wow that's some review process

Teena in Toronto said...

Doesn't sound like she's playing the game.