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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A New Bra is as Good as Sex!!

*Disclaimer...I have been single for a long time, so maybe I forget how awesome sex is..and maybe I have to find other things to be happy about instead of slutting myself out for casual sex...(I'm not above it though...never say never) but I haven't forgotten the warm fuzzies that cradling "the girls" in a good bra brings on!

Bras cost alot. Or, they should. If they don't, you aren't wearing the right kind. I guess, if you are not blessed with a larger rack, you can maybe get away with a Target bra for $15 bucks, but I still wouldn't recommend it. You could buy one good bra, that will outlast 10 cheap bras.

Bras are an investment!

I'm such a fan of a good bra. Ever since Oprah had that entire episode dedicated to how we were all wearing the wrong size, it changed my life forever!

I'll never forget the feeling of buying my first "real bra" that was sized just for me. No one knew why, but I had an extra pep in my step that day!

I don't care if I think I know my size.

If I have or have not gained/lost weight.

Whenever I make a bra investment, I still get measured. I mean, what do you think those girls at Victoria's Secret walk around with measuring tapes around their necks for? A fashion statement? No. They want to encourage you to get measured! Don't buy a bra that doesn't fit!

I mean really, are no words for how you feel after buying a brand-new, properly-sized, well-made bra!

Every second of the day feels like Christmas!

My ladies thanked me all day today for spending $100 on two bras. Which, are really like 10 bras, since I bought two 5 way bras for the summer!

I can wear these bitches with every style top this season! 

So, have you thanked your rack for being awesome, buy buying it a great new bra lately?


Urban Cynic said...

And no photo of the bras? Not you in the bra obviously but I want to see these amazing bras dammit!

I went to the states once & bought 2 Victoria Secrets bras - they are the most comfortable bras I've EVER owned & I still can't believe that a bra can be that comfy. We now have a VS store in London I think. The bra I bought was this one http://bit.ly/12Mob93 and it is amazing

Fizzgig said...

i'll add a photo!! I didn't think of it!

OBM.cle said...

Ha! Love the disclaimer.