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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Giving Back By Volunteering!

Since I'm blissfully child-free, and single, with no dating prospects, and there is a summer of beautiful weather ahead of me, and I have a desire to do more and be more... I asked myself what more can I do

Something that wouldn't feel like an obligation...

Well, I am a big supporter of my local animal rescue, because they saved my Mr. Magoo from puppy mill hell, and gave him a safe place, until he found his forever home, with me! And I often visit the rescue to pet the cats, and dogs, and I love the work that they do. It's a no-kill shelter, and that is a total win with me!

Mr. Magoo's happiest after a trip to the dog park! 

So, this girl is officially the newest volunteer at said rescue! 

It was a totally serious undertaking. I had to fill out an application, and have an interview, just like a real job. And I was so totally nervous until, my interview included two tiny senior chihuahua's climbing my legs for attention, which I could not resist, and I lavished attention on those little dogs while answering questions. It was so up my alley

I offered my poop scooping, cat petting, animal bathing, administrative, and even event organization skills...but what what really caught my eye, and was most in need, was DOG WALKING


There are so many dogs that need walked, and RUN, and most volunteers only get 15-20 minutes with a dog. And the dogs are left still with all sorts of energy and nothing to do with it, so they sadly circle their enclosures out of boredom. Poor little things

Run you say? I'm all over it!! My dog can't run, so I am going to run those dogs' little buns off, and get extra cardio in the meantime! What could be more perfect for me?

I have to take two classes before I start, an orientation, and a dog training class. 

But I sure can't wait until I am helping those doggies find their forever homes! 

For the first time in a long time, I am excited about something. I will have a part in helping these dogs be placed in homes, by tiring them out, and socializing them

This summer is really going to be rewarding. I can't wait until my first dog gets adopted! 


Urban Cynic said...

That's brilliant - well done you for volunteering. Those dogs are so lucky and are going to be knackered after an afternoon running after you!

I got my 2 amazing cats from a local cat shelter and would love to help them out if I had the time (I run 2 businesses so I donate instead)it looks so rewarding. You must keep us updated on your progress - and I'm still waiting to find out about this amazing bra by the way!

Teena in Toronto said...

Good for you for volunteering! I'd like to volunteer with an animal group but my schedule is too crazy and erratic.

Fizzgig said...

every way you help is a good way! I tried to link the bra but it was downloading all sorts of information along with it. it's the victoria's secret 5 way bra. And it is amazing!

I heard that! mine is not crazy enough, just work and the gym, so i actually needed more to do!