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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Technology is For the Birds...if Birds Only Knew What Awesome was....

So I am one of those people who still uses their laptop at a desk. Cus I don't have a wireless router.

I also watched my Netflix on the laptop, at the desk. Because I didn't a router, or a way to get it on my TV.

Everyone said, "get a blu-ray player with wifi, and buy a router".

Psssh...an unnecessary expense! My stupid $20 pink DVD player worked just fine. ..if it aint broke don't fix it.

But then my DVD player had been sucking for a while, but really took a shit when I watched the entire series of Lost and season one of American Horror Story this past December, in maybe like, a week and a half. So what!?! It was cold and snowy!

We got our bonuses at work. And aside from getting mine, and the dogs hair done this weekend, I made one  other frivolous purchase for myself. (Sidenote, my dog went to the groomer in the afternoon vs. early morning as per usual, and there was too much "going on" for him to handle...they sent him home early because he wouldn't stop having diarreah on two of the groomers, and in 3 kennels...my poor dog! He has a happy furever home, but he still hasn't shaken all his years of abuse. He still came home looking handsome)

Me and Mr. Magoo, fly from the beauty salon

I broke down and got a blu-ray with wifi, and a wireless router.

I am not good with directions, and putting things together, and it wasn't as easy as people say, but I did it with the aid of a glass (or two/three) of wine, and an extra trip to Radio Shack for an HDMI adapter. But I got it all working......All by myself!

What the heck was I waiting for? Watching Netflix on the big screen is pretty high class.

It is also the reason I am finally done with seasons 1-4 of Breaking Bad. The plan was to spread it out until it returns to end it's final season this summer.

Now, I'm like everyone else. Stuck, waiting to see what happens!

I may like to fight against technology...but this time, I'm kinda glad I caved!

I also bought this rack, but since I got it at the thrift store, and I needed the perfect sized rack for my kitchen, it doesn't count as frivolous! 

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Debbie @ Live from La Quinta said...

Good for you. Welcome to the 21st century :-).

I should talk, I have an old DVD player myself (but not a pink one!). I am connected to my wireless network through my Roku, though, so I can get Netflix, etc. It is amazing on the big screen.