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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Recycling Dates??...

So, it's been far too long since I've been out on a date with someone I havn't already dated, you know....someone I know it isn't going to work with, but I still want to get out, and have fun, and maybe have some, you know,  "time" together. This is always done under the assumption that it is what it is and it isn't going anywhere further. Old friends, I like to say!

Recycling old dates don't count toward your "number" and I am still in the business of caring how high my "number" gets. At least, this is how I justify going out with people that I know are not going to marry me. Whatever works.....right?

So, I re-activated my online dating account for about two months in hopes that maybe things will be different this time.

A tip... if you are expecting a girl to be interested in you....send her a legit message, ask a question, refer to something in her profile....don't just say "hi". "Hi" screams "I just want the booty", and if you had taken the time to read my profile, you'd see, that is so not what I am looking for. You can get that anywhere! And upload a picture. What are you hiding? I have mine out there, why can't I see yours?

I happened to get a message from someone I dated last summer for a few months.

He asked did I want to go out again and give it another shot, he said text him and we'd get together. We exchanged numbers again. I messaged him the next day, just a lighthearted message.

Then I didn't hear from him for 11 days. At which time he asked me out on a Thursday for the following Saturday, and I just told him "I think we have incompatible communication styles".

I then realized the reason we quit talking probably wasn't because I was hung up on my ex. It was because he would only randomly respond to my messages. I mean, it only takes 2 seconds to respond to a text message. I don't expect a conversation, just an acknowledgement that you got my message. "Good to hear from you". "We'll make plans soon". Anything. Don't just ignore a girls text for almost two weeks, she will move on!

I mean, I did  read "he's just not that into you" years ago, so I know, that I deserve a response!


Jas said...

Oh, man. This guy is too old to be taught. Leave this one alone and tell him to find someone who's ok with checking in once in a blue moon. sheesh.

White Space said...

How rude. Yes, you definitely should expect a higher standard of man!

I did some online dating to much success a while back. I discovered that some sites were better than others. One guy I did get together with didn't have a profile pic actually. Turned out he was a teacher so didn't want any students seeing it. He did email me his photo when asked however & I dated him for a few months.

Women except far less than they deserve lately so glad to see you're not. It doesn't take much to text back within 11 days - what a prat.

Teena said...

11 days?? That's so impolite!