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Monday, January 14, 2013

I Like Money...

Mr. Magoo in his cat-like way, helping me clip coupons
It's no secret that I'm cheap, er, frugal. But I guess you could say I am choosy about what I'm frugal with. I have no trouble spending $100 on face cleanser and cream, $100 for a hair cut and color, or $60 for a bra. I wont feed my pets generic foods, and I have a thing against buying "discount chicken or eggs".
But just the same, I'll travel to the basement to turn my hot water tank down to vacation temperature after I've showered or done the dishes. And I keep my heat at 55, and use electric space heaters to heat my home, to keep my combined gas and electric bills around $50 each. I re-use all my spare candle wax in my candle warmer, and I use a mini spatula to get the last bit of mustard out of the squeeze jar, and the back of a comb to get one more day out of a tube of toothpaste.
But after the constant urgings of my bff, I have finally ventured into couponing. I always thought it took too much time, which it does, but honestly...what else have I got? And, I have to admit, it is pretty exciting when you find a sale, and realize you have a coupon to match it! And saving money is actually kinda fun!
I'll never be one of those extreme couponers, because I try to stay away from processed foods, so I won't be stockpiling food for the apocolypse or anything. I'm just saving on things I already use.
I'm happy to report my first planned shopping trip saved me $54 dollars. I did have to go to two stores, and spend hours of my weekend preparing meals, but in the end...I bought, cooked, and froze 3 weeks worth of fresh food for a little over $100.
I usually spend around $80 a week on food. A savings of about $140. Plus, this lady will not be turning on an oven or a stove for the next several weeks, and will only have to re-heat my pre-made meals.

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Teena said...

I use coupons whenever I can.