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Monday, December 10, 2012

It's My Birthday! (Almost)

My days have been blazing by, because yet another one of my little birdies at work has left the nest. (got a promotion) I'm very happy when my girls can move up, but I'm pretty sad for me. I'm stuck on secretary AND supervisor duty until I can find someone equally as fabulous to replace her.

I simply hate the interview process, besides counselings and reviews its my #1 most hated duty.

I had my Momma sleep over last weekend. Remember when you couldn't wait to get away from your Mom? It was so fun to have her over! We hung out in our jammies and watched movies! Then,  we spent 9 hours Christmas shopping. I'm nowhere near done. Shopping under pressure is hard.

I read "Bared to You" in one day. And started book two. I thought it was safe to start since book 3 comes out NYE, but looks like I'm going to be waiting to find out what happens with Gideon and Eva...

After almost 2 months off from daily running, (slacking) I started back at it full tilt, and I've finally tried SPINNING 3 days a week!! I love the team environment, which fuels my desire to push myself. Running and spinning in the same day makes Jill a tired girl, and I have been crashing very early!

I'll be doing a Christmas caroling run next week with a local running group. Dress festive, and sing carols while running through the neighborhoods. I'm pretty excited about this one, it's all fun, and no pressure!

I've been preparing for my 37th birthday party this weekend! (omg...I'm almost 40!!!)  I'm having the ladies over for another wine party, where we all bring our favorite wines, and cheeses, and then go tripping the light fantastic at my favorite dance club, and forget that we are entering mid-life.

Today, marks the one month anniversary of my legendary attendance of the Madonna concert! I'll never ever, get tired of reliving this memory!

How are your holiday plans coming along?

Mr. Magoo got a haircut for Christmas, and a new sweater.



Debbie @ Live from La Quinta said...

Happy early birthday! BTW, 40 is great, so don't sweat it.

I have done nothing to prepare for Christmas. Nothing! It's been so hot here it is hard to get in the mood. No kidding, until today it has been in the mid-eighties. Today it was a chilly 75. Hark the Heralds!

Carolyn G said...

Early Happy Birthday!!

Rachel said...

Happiest of birthdays!! Oh - and I LOVE having my mom over! I can't wait to see mine this weekend.
And where around here do you take spin classes? I'm not sure if/where they are offered around these parts.

Fizzgig said...

debbie: thank you i know they keep getting better, so I hope it continues that way!

Carolyn: thank you!!

rachel: I'll msg you on your blog, i go in the valley.

Teena in Toronto said...

Your furkids look too cute!