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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

New Neighbor, Strike 1...Old Tenant, Score 1...

I think I've established before, I don't live in the best neighborhood. I keep to myself, and don't walk around after dark.

But, I have a pretty sweet fully re-done pad. My electric and gas bills are cheap due to the new plumbing, wiring, furnace, hot water tank, and windows. And I have 2200 square affordable feet all to myself!

It's close to work, they don't charge me for my pets, I didn't have to put down a deposit, or last months rent, and my landlord is pretty awesome.

I just got a new neighbor two days ago. Last night was the first night she stayed in the apartment. I got up to let my dog out before work, and our back door is WIDE open! I thought, maybe she was still home, and just went to her car or something...no, car was gone!

Ummm...hello? Does she not have a brain? Come on in, degenerates, go ahead and steal everything we have!!

Said back door, leads to our shared basement, and our shared enclosed porch, which gives access to the back doors into our duplexes.

I ran downstairs to see if I noticed anything missing. Washer/dryer, air conditioners, old computer, my bicycle...ALL of my storage is kept down there. She has nothing, why does she care? Someone could be lurking down there, waiting for me to do laundry and murder me. They could bust out the glass on my kitchen door and unlock it and rob me blind while I'm hard at work!

After a lot of worrying on how I should handle it... I left a voicemail for my landlord, expressed my concerns, and he immediately returned my call.

Not only is he going to talk to the new neighbor, but he is coming out to make sure no one is hiding in the basement, so I am not afraid to do my laundry. He even thanked me for letting him know, as that could also lead to damage to his property.

New neighbor has made a shitty first impression on me.

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Teena in Toronto said...

Good to nip it in the bud right away.

You're place is 3 times bigger than mine!!