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Monday, November 12, 2012

I Came I Saw I Conquered!!! MDNA tour Cleveland, 2012!!

Q: How is seeing Madonna for the first time ever for a 36 year old fan who has loved her from the beginning of time?

A: Legen (wait for it) DARY!!!

Ummm...two days later. I am still on my Madonna high. I havn't slept more than 3 consecutive hours since Thursday, I keep waking up in a panic, first, because of anticipation...now...because I fear I may forget everything when I slumber!! My memories are so vivid, I keep going over and over it in my mind!

When I sat in my seat...I had to keep covering my mouth to squeal with delight. "I'm really here!! This is really happening!!!"

It was worth every single penny I spent! My ONLY complaint, was all the dickbags who spent all that money to see her, and expected her to sing only old songs. Hello? She has been relavent in the industry for the past 20+ years!! She has over 14 albums!

It was the MDNA tour..named after her NEW album, jackhole! Not "Madonna sings her greatest hits". She had a great dose of some oldies, but I happen to love her new album, and I sang, and danced my ever loving ass off until my voice was gone, my feet STILL ache...and my hair was sweat soaked! Best night ever????? MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!


That there is my little gem of a video from the MDNA tour. Like a Prayer! Most of my videos suck because I was dancing and/or singing too loud to share them!

Here are a few good pics I got from my pretty sweet vantage point!!!!


I never for a second sat down, during the interludes, the ballads, I don't care!! I paid good money for this show, and I screamed, and sang, and I'm pretty sure since I was the only cool person in my row, Madonna saw me!
After the YEARS of TV appearances, magazines, videos, albums, articles, Tshirts, DVD's....I actually got to see her and enjoy her performance LIVE!!! I was in my own little world.
And I am certain, this is something I will never forget! The wait, was worth it!
This has been a life long dream!
And yes...dreams really DO come true!


Little Missy Me said...

Your photos are AMAZING! WOW!

Teena in Toronto said...

Sounds like a great concert!

I like when they mix in old and new stuff.