"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, December 17, 2012

Rockin 37...

I played this about 10 times while dancing around with my girlfriends...I'm totally an adult!

Well, helloooooo, 37!!! No longer in my early or mid-thirties, I'm hanging out on the "late side". But, as I tell my younger friends, life gets so much better with age! I wouldn't trade a number for how much more I get to know myself with each day, it's (maybe) worth the wrinkles I'm starting to get. (but I'm not above botox in the next couple of years....)

Alot was great about this birthday.

I renewed my license. And for the first time since I was 21, I gave my ACTUAL weight!! I also finally got a new picture to match the new me! I was so super excited about this accomplishment, it made all the sacrifices and trips to the gym so worth it.

The next day I had my girlfriends over to my casa for wine, cheese, and a hell of a good time! Not only did everyone bring their favorite bottles to share, but I got a pretty sweet private stock for my bar! I also got some other gifts, including, but not limited to, a hello kitty gingerbread house kit, and a fancy bedazzled wine glass that holds almost a full bottle. (my friends know me so well!)

I bought a bottle of the first wine that I had on my first date with exmanfriend. Because I loved it. And I wanted to associate it with a new memory. Best decision ever. We laid to rest a painful memory, and made a new one, complete with a positive toast!

I was so excited, and grateful that my girlfriends could all make it. Being a December baby means contending with holiday parties, and family, but my best friends always make time for me, and I feel truely blessed for that!

We spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to take group photos. Setting up the auto picture, after long deliberation about poses, was a billion laughs. There were mostly shots of my back running for my position in the picture. We got a couple good ones out of the 20 we took.

The night progressed with dancing at my favorite gay bar. We danced and sang to "Like a Prayer" like it was our jobs, which I later professed was just as fun as seeing my idol sing it live last month!

The moral of the story is, you are only as old as you feel. And I feel pretty damned good!  It's all about embracing your life, doing what you love, and above all else....laughter! That is what keeps you young!

And maybe wine helps. I think the alchohol content pickles you from the inside, and helps with keeping you look amazing...but what do I know?

Even Mr. Magoo was caught hitting the bottle...



OBM.cle said...

Happy Birthday!

Mel said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Sounds like tons of fun! And this:

"I think the alchohol content pickles you from the inside, and helps with keeping you look amazing...but what do I know?"

My father and I have talked about this at length and we truly believe this is how it works! ;-)

Rachel said...

How awesome!! :) Glad you had a great birthday celebration! ;)

White Space said...

It looks like you had a wonderful birthday. I very much approve of making good new memories with things that were tainted with old bad ones; I've revisited some places to get rid of bad associations and it really works.

I was a bit worried about getting nearer to 40 at first but it's brilliant. You're in a fantastic position with your new place, your gorgeous little dogs, and your new happy weight. I hope next year is even better. x

Teena in Toronto said...

Happy birthday!

It's just a number :)

Fizzgig said...

obm: thank you thank you!

mel: i know, right?!

Rachel: thank you, it was fabulous!

whitespace: fantastic words! thank you!!

teena: you are SO right!!