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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Road Trip!

I am still...5 days later, riding my Madonna high. (see below...) I still can't sleep, I'm so wound up over the event... I wonder how long it will last?  I can't stop pouring over pictures, watching videos on youtube, and squealing with delight...

But! Bright and early, I'm off on a road trip with my BFF for the weekend! We are going to visit her Mom in Michigan. I have never been to Michigan...unless you count the two times I stopped for gas in Detroit on my way to Canada for work.

I have vowed not to judge Michigan by those harrowing stops. I don't think Detroit counts, it just isn't fair to judge a book by it's sweaty armpit of a city.

And, I havn't been on a "friend only" vacation since I was 19!

I dunno how Moms of human kids ever leave them. Because my only apprehensions about a weekend away with my bestie, is leaving poor Mr. Magoo at his gramma's house. She and my brother will take good care of him, but you know, he is a puppy mill rescue, and has only bonded to me.

The cats will stay home, and I have a friend checking in over the weekend. Much as I love the cats, they have each other, and they'll be fine.

"Do these cats make my butt look big?"

I do however, look forward to the hours of girl talk on the drive up and down. The box of wine I packed, along with a compilation of awesome music I spent hours putting together!

And...the possibility that the trip could turn slightly "Thelma and Louise". Not that we'd kill anyone or run from the police. Mostly, the running into Brad Pitt and taking him to a hotel part.

Watch out, Michigan!!!

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And how was it?!