"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, November 09, 2012

Dreams Really Do Come True...

So, tomorrow, I am going to see Madonna!!! Live and in person. Bucket list item Numero, uno!!!

She hasn't been to these parts in well over 20 years, and at that time, there was no way my Mother was going to buy me a ticket, let alone take me!

I have so many memories thru the years with Madonna!! I was terrified buying my ticket to see "Who's That Girl" because it was rated PG, and I was only 12 at the time. I thought for sure, they would not let me in! But they did!

Before TiVo, I had to watch TV all night to catch her much anticipated Pepsi commercial, that was met with great controversy, featuring "Like a Prayer".  Burning crosses? Kissing a black man? GASP!!!

I was 14 years old, and I didn't see what the big deal was.

Almost immediately after this premiere, I tried to use clorox bleach on my bangs to have the same hilights look as she did in this commercial. Thankfully...Clorox doesn't work...

And who can forget waiting to see the premiere of Justify My Love in the middle of the night.

Madonna's first album was the first cassette tape I ever bought...Ray of Light was the first CD I ever bought. I dressed in my older sisters pink prom dress and lace gloves and lip synced "Material Girl" in the mirror just about every Saturday morning!

I dressed as Madonna for Halloween when I was 7 years old. (Mom's idea of a costume was not remotely Madonna-like, but she did let me wear a lace bow, a beauty mark, and black rubber o-ring bracelets)

Evita was the first movie I ever lied about to get a friend to see with me. She had no idea it was a musical, and I kept telling her it wasn't, even after the first few songs.

I have not only waited a year since buying tickets...I've waited a lifetime to be in the same room with my Idol.

I've driven those close to me absolutely nuts with my excitement, and impatience over the last year, counting down the days. Several times a day. Every day. And now? It's just HOURS!

I've got my outfit picked out. Jewelry ready to go. Hair appointment, and dinner reservations. All that is left is to spend an evening with the girls, dance my ass off, and sing at the top of my lungs! (I have a solo ticket, but found friends to drive up with that didn't want to pay $200 for a ticket...so they will be far above me, enjoying the same show, without the same view!)

Love or hate her, I don't care!!

I am going to be riding this high for a very, very long time!


Debbie @ Live from La Quinta said...

I am so excited for you! You're going to have such a great time. I remember when you bought your ticket..talk about anticipation.

Enjoy the moment and don't wait 20 more tears to see her again!

White Space said...

I remember buying Into The Groove (extended version dontcha know) and playing it over and over again on my parent's record player. God that was such a long time ago! I can't believe she's still going. My favourite Madonna song I think is Hung Up and my best friend prefers Holiday. Have a great time!

Teena in Toronto said...

Enjoy Madonna tonight!

Little Missy Me said...

How was it?! I imagine it was SPECTACULAR! Can't wait to read all about it!

Allison M. said...

how about when the band was suspended in air? Best stage show I ever seen. I mean....movable floor!

Fizzgig said...

omg, i am still reliving each moment! legendary for me!!

oh yea, i remember those special singles, I have just about every one! LOVE IT!!

thank youuuuu i had the time of my life!!!

oh em gee! so worth all the years of waiting!!

that was flippin bad ass! along with the slack line work, that is some circque de soleil shit!!! loved also, the "magic bus" of "im a sinner" when the train tracks were moving behind those digital buses, AWESOME!!!