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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Smart Shopping...

So, I had to return my new entertainment center before it was even delivered.

One, because I got an invite to a VIP event the day after buying it...where I can get the same piece for 20% off this weekend.

And two...because after buying my new  42" TV, and seeing how big it is in real life I realized it is far too tall, so I am getting the same look, several inches shorter.

And then while I am at it, I am going to get this chair to go with my new couch. So, by the end of next week I'll have my living room put back together!

I cannot wait to see how amazing it all looks! I'm super excited!

My entertainment center, and current living room chairs were parked on the curb. My chairs lasted roughly 15 minutes before someone swooped them up.

I should have taken a picture of them. Underneath the covers, they were all tore up. I was shocked anyone wanted them. But, one mans trash..

Now, excuse me, as my giant new TV is calling my name!!


Teena in Toronto said...

Very cute chair :)

Jas said...

What was the first thing you watched to break in the new television?

Fizzgig said...

i just love it! im going to get it a mate when my recent purchases are paid off!

american horror story, of course!!