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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Race Season is Coming to an End...

This weekend is my last race of the season.

By last race, I mean one where I will receive a medal, and it will be a challenge. I'm doing the Towpath half marthon. I'm still trying to get people to get on board with a turkey trot, or a NYE 5k..or even a Zombie 5k for halloween, but I don't consider these "official races".

I only aspire to beat my May half marathon time of 2 hours 56 minutes. While I have not been "on" my training as of late, I am taking into account that my first-ever half was in a 108 heat index...and on the harsh city streets of Cleveland, Ohio.

This race will be in (predicted) a comfortable temperature of 47 degrees, and sunny. Mainly flat. And mostly on a heavenly crushed limestone towpath trail.

Im my beautiful home town...I will get to experience the changing of the leaves, and the crisp fall temperatures! This is my most favorite time of year!

I can't imagine living somewhere that you do not get to experience a "true fall".

Or, know what a "lock" is...

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Mel said...

"harsh city streets of Cleveland, OH" haha! That made me chuckle - thank you for that. Good luck this weekend, you really couldn't ask for better weather! You will be great!