"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Winter Running..

Not only did I never think I would be a "runner" but I certainly never thought I would be one of those crazy assholes running in the snow. I mean, who does that? But I finally got my first taste of it when we had our first official Ohio snow this past weekend.

My best friend/running partner is ever the optimist, where I am not...with running. So she is my Suzy sunshine, and I love her for it. When I complained about how bad it hurt to be pelted in the face with ice crystals, (Even though I only have about 2 inches of skin showing) how my ear bud wires were iced over, how I had an having an ever-running nose, soaked shoes, and a numb butt, she said "think about all those people sitting on their asses on the couch while we are out here burning calories, 80% of the population would never get out and do this" I smiled, thru the pain, and I kinda felt exclusive.

So I agreed to an extra mile.

Plus, we are lucky enough to live mere miles from all the beautiful metro parks, and running trails in the area. Not many people can walk to such beautiful places.

We took a quick stop at beaver marsh, because this big white goose was hanging out with the Canadian geese, and when we pointed out that "one of these things was not like the other" he really did look as though he'd been found out. Animals are so funny...

While a 6 mile outdoor run is always challenging for me, a 5 mile in a snowstorm, was really hard. You can see here, my friend kept going while I lagged behind at a slow jog for a few minutes.

At the end of our run (which included an off-trail urine break, which was also not enjoyable) we had icicles on our eyelashes, wet clothes, and frozen feet. (I need to invest in better winter gear for sure)

In conclusion, I really was proud of myself that I didn't miss my daily run due to weather.

Sure, I could have gone to work and used the gym, but there really is something about being outdoors, waving at other crazy runners as you pass, (I was always jealous of how motorcyclists had this exclusive wave too....) and connecting with nature, that a treadmill just can't offer.

I still wouldn't classify myself as one of those people who enjoys running, or experiences the elusive "runner's high". But I do enjoy the peace, the calorie burn, the way it makes my body look, and how I feel when I am done doing something only 20% of the population is willing to do.


merider (M.E.-rider) said...

You are so inspiring, Fizz! You aren't an asshole who runs in the snow - you're an ATHLETE. Good job on the extra mile too and great photos. I don't get to see snow much. Happy New Year to you - may it be a good and healthy one.

Debbie said...

I think it's more like 99% of the people would not be out doing that. Nice job. I'll think about you when I start to think that my weather is too cold (like when it's below 60!).

Allison M. said...

i can't run outside in the snow - props to you!

JUST ME said...

I probably would have run with you, but I would have bitched so loud you would have found a secret path and ditched me.

Fizzgig said...

thanks lady! I always have a hard time accepting that term..athlete, because I never classified myself as one, but i guess I kinda am! Enjoy the snow vicariously thru my pics, as I enjoy the sunshine in yours!!

below 60? get out there and do it! lol 60 is optimal, i love the chill, but not the cold! i am in for an interesting winter. I cant wait to try my snow shoes out!!

you CAN you just dont choose to. Its not easy, you def need someone to keep you going. im lucky to have a partner to go with. otherwise id make 1,000 excuses as to why I shouldn't go out!

Just Me:
I'm good with pessimism. If i had someone complaining more than me, I'd have turned into the suzy sunshine. I wouldnt leave you lol

Teena in Toronto said...

Very inspiring!