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Thursday, January 19, 2012

How I Had My Ass Handed to Me by a 13yo...

So, how does one feel after thai fighting against a 13yo male orange belt, and with, I guess, minimal contact, and basically knowing nothing?

Well, they feel like they had the shit kicked out of them, that's how. It hurts to breathe, cough, talk, move.......hell, it hurts to "be". I am bruised, have mat burn, and parts of my body I wasn't sure I even had are screaming out in pain!

I swear to god my guts are bruised. My guts! Stretching, continuing with runs, hot baths, advil, heating pad.....check, check, check, and check.

(what I really want is a bottle of wine to ease the pain but I've re-dedicated myself to weekend only drinking....sigh...)

I feel like I've been run thru the ringer!! And I consider myself to be in pretty good shape, I work out 7 days a week for at least an hour!

Due to it taking me an hour to drive 6 miles from work in the snow I missed my second class, but I'll be geared up for the even longer class on Saturday. (help me!)

I guess my point of this post is, if you think you are in good shape, try something new. I went from almost dying after 50 jumping jacks to belting out 1,000 in a row plus a 30 minute boot camp class, and I feel like total shit right now. MMA wasn't "harder" it requires more skill, technique, power, and brain function, but physically boot camp felt worse.

Until the next day.

Oh, and reason 678,795,124 not to have kids. I'm pretty sure that my uterus was one of my major organs to suffer damage after my first class.

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Carolyn G said...

Stupid kid. Next time kick his/her ass. LOL