"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Choosing my next path...aka becoming an ass kicker...

All the running I've been doing solo, got me thinking about self defense. I mean, I have a can opener (old school) and a whistle, but really if someone tried to steal me, I have no idea what I'd do. 99% of my outdoor runs are done solo. What does one do?

I still can't believe its January in Ohio...I could get use to this. Especially since I am trying to keep up running thru the winter! I took the city side of the towpath this past weekend.

This is my beautiful city. Sure, we have crackheads, but we also have a nice picnic area too!

I had to stop when I, for the first time in my 36 years, traveled over a hi-way overpass. This kinda scared me to take this picture.

And, because he's handsome..Mr. Magoo

So, I joined an MMA (mixed martial arts) class. I start next Tuesday. Helllls. Yea. I'll be learning the self defense art of Muay Thai. I'm going to be so bad-ass it isn't even funny! I'm also certain this will help me develop my core strength which has been my winter goal for the upcoming beach season! I originally called about kickboxing, but this sounds way more interesting!

I've been looking for something I will enjoy doing, for weight loss maintenance, in addition to running. because I gave up boot camp for many reasons, but mostly because It's becoming monotonous.

I am so excited to not only learn how to take someone down, but learn how to not be taken down! The best part for me, is you can earn your black belt. So it's something to work towards, to keep it interesting!

As a bonus, I look forward to some male type eye candy as well...can you blame me?


Teena in Toronto said...

How exciting!

Debbie said...

I think it is a great idea! Anything that keeps our daily routines exciting, plus gives you a chance to kick some ass is great. Have fun.

On a side note, it is a point well taken about safety, self defense and running alone. I was always a solo runner, and I ran really early, in the dark, so I could get in my runs before work. That is until about 20 years ago, when I was attacked on one of those runs, taken down, and almost raped. I managed to fight him off, run like hell to get away, but even 20 years later, if affects me. It changed the way I lived my life, and I still warn other women about running alone. Be prepared to take care of yourself.

Fizzgig said...

wow debbie, that is horrible! i am cautious, my girlfriend goes out at night by herself saying 'thugs dont hang out on running trails' and i said they do if they want to take someone out easy! she is fearless, and shouldnt be! i still am afraid when we run together at night, its n ever safe if you ask me! im glad you got away, and i cant imagine how that would affect your daily life!!!

Debbie said...

Did you get my email? I'd like to quote your last paragraph from your Winter Running post and link back to your blog. May I? (If you don't want, don't feel bad, just let me know :-)


Jas said...

Your instructor is going to look like this: http://www.omarphillips.net/blog_images/blanks1.jpg


Fizzgig said...

i dont want a billy blanks instructor! lol ill have to post a follow up