"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, June 03, 2011

Things to do before...

Firstly, my official weigh in tonight is minus 5lbs. On the week I had three cookies, a small piece of your second cousins bday cake, a jo jo, potato salad, and cheesy potatoes at the family picnic! I of course, did 3 workouts a day to make up for it, I am kicking. ASS!

37lbs in 10 weeks. I'm creeping up on 40. Someone said they wanted my thighs at workout. MY thighs!!!

The best revenge is success. Even if you don't believe in revenge, the best thing to do is be your best self, because the person who benefits from it, is you. And the only person you hurt by having ill will, or hurtful feelings about someone, is you. And given a choice, why the hell would you want to hurt yourself?

Things I'm doing to make myself feel successful!

  • Get skinny, because it feels amazing!

  • Eat healthy without cheating at least one month, because until you do, you really don't understand the phrase "you are what you eat" I cheated this past weekend, and had to fight like hell to do workouts for three days, it made me feel like shit!

  • Work hard, and get a super freaking raise, and secretly snicker because you never went to school and make more than most people you know who did.

  • Have a crush. Even if nothing comes of it, it sure is fun to giggle and get excited when you see the person, and be shy and get butterflies! And be reminded that there is life after the manfriend. Even if it still hurts a little.

  • Set goals for yourself, like doing 10 push ups, and then beat that each and every day! Even if its just by one, or doing two sets of 10 in a day.

  • Start your mortgage loan process on a super freaking amazing house and know, that if it is in the stars for you to have it, you will. And that you deserve it!!!!!!

  • Think to yourself "some day I'm going to have two cars for that two car garage, furniture for all the rooms, and two rocking chairs on the front porch for me and the love of my life!" And simply know that you will!

  • Remember, that even though Oprah is off the air, her words live on. Find your lifes purpose! Mine is animals, and when I have my very own home, I will be joining the foster list of my favorite animal rescue, and nursing a dog at a time back from puppy mill/abuse situations, and making them awesome pets, and watching them find their furrever homes! This makes me warm and bubbly inside!
  • Enjoy something every week! For me, its my Friday nights. Where I celebrate a week of ass kicking workouts, and an excellent weigh in! I get a bottle of wine, a redbox rental, and an Acme rotisserie chicken (I feel bad for those who don't have an Acme!) and share the dark meat with your loving and faithful companion....your dog!
  • Be thankful every day. For waking up. For doing what you set out to do. For the friends you have, and your family that loves you. Put love out into the universe, and wait for it to come back to you!

And, post a picture of the house you want, because you believe in the power of the universe, and thinking things into reality! (when it's mine, I'll show you more! Trust, it's amazing!)

Hello future home de la moi! Please don't be haunted!


Sister Copinherhair said...

Like. Like! LIKE!!! Everything about this post. :) Keep it up! It's all so true!

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

I haven't commented on here in a long time, Fizz. That does not mean I haven't been reading and following your journey. You've had one hell of a go of it over the past year, and yet I do not see a victim, sad sack girl in you at all. I see a strong, sassy, witty woman who is doing all the right things. You inspire, darling. Keep it up! And congrats on your weight loss. You're motivating the hell out of me. :-)

Allison M. said...

love the porch! always wanted a front porch myself.

p.s. way to kick ass at losing weight

Fizzgig said...

it felt good to write!

awe, thank you, that's a really nice thing to read!

its totally made for rocking chairs, and iced tea....vodka! lol

Teena in Toronto said...

Good for you!!!

WellnessProposals said...

Congrats on the weight loss. There's really nothing more difficult than controlling ones weight and nutrition. In fact that's a central part of the corporate fitness programs that we help clients develop. Thanks for sharing and best of luck with your goals.