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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Polish Side...

Today we said goodbye to Grandma. It occurred to me that her being 96 meant that she was already in her 60's when I was born. Time goes by so fast. In honor of not being sad, I'm sharing great things I learned today from my Dad's brothers.

1) Always pee when there is a restroom available
2) Remember to brush your eyebrows when they are wet, that way they stay where you put them.
3) Don't practice buddhism if you want to see them in heaven. I was after all, baptized catholic you know.
4) Free food doesn't count when you are on a diet, because there isn't enough free food in the world that can make you fat. (this may become my new mantra...)

And my favorite lesson was one on odds.

During hurricane Hugo, my uncle, aunt, cousin, and sister donned foil hats. There were trees crashing down all over the yard, and my uncle said that the odds of a tree falling on the house, and crushing them were good...but what are the odds that a tree would smash into a house and kill four people wearing foil hats?

You can't beat those odds.

Who says Polish people are dumb? They all survived, and a tree never hit the house.

One of the memories that came to me today about Grandma was when her and Grandpa got me a chocolate ice cream cone, and I sat and cried as it melted all over my hand, and their car while they kept telling me to eat it.....I didn't like chocolate. I didn't want any part of that stupid ice cream cone, and they finally had to take it away from me.

I would later grow up and eat chocolate to the point where my life now has to be working out to get rid of it.

Kid's may not be as stupid as I thought.

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