"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, June 24, 2011

A New Kinda Stash...And, a Douchebag...

Remember how I said this week is all big meetings and I had reese cups and normally I'd run around and hoard junk food? Well, this time, I hoarded all the fruit. Whenever I entered a room, and grabbed something I giggled out loud. Boy have I changed!

Check out my stash!!!!!

That's over a week's worth of snacks for me! I'd have eaten all the cookies in a day.

I had a 2lb loss tonight, bringing my 13 week total to 46lbs!! Which I'm happy with because:

1) I'm getting closer to goal and it may start to slow down so a loss is a bonus!
2) I missed a few miles this week
3) I've had a consistent loss for 13 weeks now
4) My instructor messaged me on our fitness site and said I was looking good she saw me in my shorts this week

In douchebag news, I had a date tonight. Early this morning, I found out my 96 year old Grandma passed away, natural causes. I was stressed out from work already, and then sad because I hadn't visited her in a while, so I was down in the dumper. I'm sad that my Dad's side of the family is slowly fading out. And sad because I'm getting older. Then I was sad when I thought that if I believed in heaven, my Dad would be there to greet her. Personally, I saw her in all the birds today. That's just my thing.

So, I texted my date bright and early, and told him I wasn't up for going out because my Grandmother had passed away.

And....... I never got a response. Not an Ok. Not an I'm sorry...nada. Zilch. Zip!

Um, you can happily cross yourself off my future husband list! And chalk it up as your loss! Let this cocksmoker try to ask me out on another date. Who wants to spend their golden years with someone who doesn't even acknowledge when a family member dies? /rant

In crush news, we found out last week my security guard crush at work has a girlfriend. One of my friends asked him. (isn't this so high school...???) Then, I caught him twice today passing my desk, and after clearing my cubicle opening (I have high walls) he turned around and looked me dead in the eyes. I know this because I still look at him when he walks by. Crushes with girlfriends are like diets, you can look but not touch.

Maybe his girlfriend isn't a looker?

Maybe he thought my friend was asking for herself?

The world, may never know. What I do know is now when he comes thru the department and all the girls are abuzz with excitement for me, I simply announce...."Ladies, we totally broke up, and it's his loss"

I think I should get "It's his loss" tattooed on my ass.

Universe: Please do not let me get drunk one night and think that is actually a good idea.


Anonymous said...

That royally sucks. Obviously he wasn't the right one. I would have asked if there was anything I could do for you. You seem like such a sweetheart - I hope you find your prince charming.

Sorry to hear about grandmother. May you find comfort in your time of loss.

Fizzgig said...

its just more reason to stay single. lol, and thank you!