"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Maybe jobs aren't like exes....

I don't know that I really have been up to anything exciting. Other than the bachelorette party for the wedding I'm in come September 18th. And, you know those are top secret. We had a lot of laughs, lots of drinks, tons of dancing, and ended the night at my new favorite place, the gay bar near my house.

The gay bar is awesome cus its swanky, they play awesome music, and you can dance with anyone on the dance floor and not get dirty looks, or drinks spilled on you. It's like a happy family. If I didn't love boys so much, I'd be gay too.

What else is super awesome in my life is that my a/c compressor is going in my stratus. While you may say good thing its winter, unfortunatly the belt that spins on that part also runs my power steering so even though a friends uncle disconnected the compressor, it still "free spins" and makes noise, and eventually it will seize up and I'll lose power steering.

This means I have to fix it. This also means, that starting tomorrow I'm working my old second job again. I'm hoping that going back to old jobs isn't bad like a stupid ex boyfriend.

pause for disgust.....

What's different this time, is I don't need the job to survive, so quitting will be much easier. I'm only working 12 hours a week vs. 30. Three days vs. five, and I'm hoping to only do it for two months. They actually called me out of the blue last week to see if I'd come back as a temp for a project. So, I took it as a sign.

Until I learn how to grow money on trees, I gotta do what I gotta do!


Carolyn G said...

Good luck with the new, I mean old job. It's always good when you don;t need the job. It makes everything easier. Oh the days of gay bars. WHen I lived in Miami, we would hit a few, of course, that was 2 decades ago when i was younger. But it was so much fun, no pressure and lots of boys to dance with! I envy you!

Sister Copinherhair said...

It got to make you feel good that they want you back. I had an old boss hound me for months when she opened her own salon. It's nice to know you can fall back on them.

heather said...

gay bars are the best!! as long as you don't somehow end up in the middle of a lesbian couple's fight. just saying.