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Monday, November 25, 2013

Out With The Old...

Two years ago I took the big step out of "hand me down" furniture, into buying brand new beautiful things that I picked out on my very own because I loved them! No discussions. No compromise. No working out a budget with someone else.

I've always had things other people owned first. It's nice for a while, but like most people, I wanted new furniture....things that "went together". Things I picked out, not that I had to settle for.

And, let's face it, I until last year, I was still sleeping in the bed I got as a wedding gift in 1996. It was time!

And now? My mattress and box springs are suited perfectly for ME!

I didn't have to ask anyone's opinion on anything, and the pets never got mad when I'd shoo them away from things because "we don't even own these yet".

I also got a beautiful accent chair for my living room, and a perfect entertainment center that didn't come in a box! A beautiful new TV that I finally decided to buy (even though there was nothing wrong with my current TV other than it was old..it was a huge step for me!)

I even bought a blue ray player so I could stream the internet on my TV as well! My couch is just what I always wanted, and I don't get mad at myself for being anal about sitting in different places to not form a "dip" in the cushions. I don't mind at all.

I mean I've been pretty blessed the last two years. Being responsible can actually pay off!

I've been faithfully paying on my furniture, to meet my 2 year interest free period, and it's finally paid off!

So naturally, for Christmas, I got myself a new bedroom set!

I'll have a real bed, not just a frame!! with sides, and head/foot boards! And it's made with real wood! My dresser is actually lined in cedar on the bottom, and velvet up top, and my mirror is gorgeous! 

The best part is, I have three years of no interest to pay it off. Or, is it the fact that I got it at 62% off? I think the latter. 

Now...the week-long wait for delivery. But it gives me enough time to decide what to do with all the crap I have hidden under my bed!

Being single is even more awesome than I thought!


Urban Cynic said...

Good for you, it looks gorgeous.

One of the first things I did when I left a previous boyfriend I lived with was to get the perfect white bedroom I'd always wanted. When I left my last boyfriend I bought a lovely new bed (I'm sitting under my gorgeous embroidered white duvet now without a backache in sight!) my very first one in fact - AND a new TV.

One of the best things about living by yourself is that you can have everything exactly how you want it.

Compromises are so over-rated!

Teena in Toronto said...

Congrats on the new furniture!

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

Oh, Fizz, smart girl you are. Take advantage of the no-interest deals for sure! Just be sure to pay it off on time (or well before). Will help make your credit super stellar!

The new bedroom set is just lovely. You have very nice taste, my dear.