"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Update...

So far, this Summer...

I'm down 2 employees, and hiring 3, so I'm super busy with work. Being the boss is cool most of the time. But I don't enjoy doing the work of 3 people all that much.

I'm super pleased that I jumped the gun on putting my a/c unit in weeks ago, because when it was 90 degrees, I didn't sweat my ass off putting it in, instead, I just pushed that heavenly button to comfort! ahhh..

I finally graduated to real push ups vs. "girl push ups".  Love this!

Mr. Magoo is enjoying his pool, and so are my feet...

I officially booked my flight to VA Beach in September to see my sister, and run the half marathon!

I bought my new running shoes, to break in for my half marathon. I always love new shoes, but Fizzgig was happy with the box. 

I have been steadily walking and running the rescue dogs in the blazing hot sun, working my way up to the next level of dog walking which is...."difficult dogs"

Cooper isn't difficult he's adorable, and adoptable!

I'm catching up with a favorite couple in the "Bared to You" series...(Bee tee double you, read this series!)

I'm going to see Kid Rock in a week. I'm not a huge fan, but I'm going with one. The most exciting part, is that we are cabbing it there, and back, (bring on those $4 beers!!!) and that two of my BFF's are sleeping over. I don't care how old you are, it's always fun to have sleepovers with your girlfriends!

We're gonna listen to loud music, laugh, watch stupid movies, tell stories, and eat food like we don't know what a calorie is. Does it get any better than that? I don't think so!

I look forward to the rest of my summer, full of possibilities!! 

How is your first week of summer? 


Urban Cynic said...

Summer? Pfffft. I live in the UK and I'm wearing a flipping jumper and knee socks my friend! It looks like it's about to rain any minute and allegedly we've just come out of the coldest winter since time began. I see no Summer here and doubt the truthfulness of the 'coming out of winter' bit personally!

Anyway, enough about how rubbish the English weather is (we do love to talk about it though) - look at little Mister Magoo in his pool - he looks like he's having a great time and what cat doesn't like a box? I love seeing pics of your pets actually; they're just so cute and they always have an air of casualness about them.

Happy days for you over in the US then it seems - try to send some my way!

Fizzgig said...

gladly sending sunshine your way! We've been hit with a couple of rainstorms, but no rest from the heat and humidity! I love showing pics of the pets, you should see my facebook! lmao