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Friday, June 07, 2013

Winning...But Not Like Charlie Sheen...

I wound up being boot camper of the month at my gym! This means I got this sweet award, and my picture was posted on facebook with my trainer. I also won a free class, and best of all...bragging rights.

Not only was I the best participant all month, I was the FIRST best all month, and I got to set the bar as to what the others have to achieve in order to win.

That's kind of bad-ass!

It's kind of fun to go to the gym and have people recognize you, and congratulate you...especially all the trainers that I've worked with.

I feel a pretty great sense of accomplishment. I haven't won a physical fitness award since I was in grade school. And I actually worked my ass off for this one, I didn't just show up like back then.


OBM.cle said...

Awesome job!!!

Miss Anni said...

Nice work!

Mel said...

That is a great achievement! And what a constant reminder and motivator to keep at it! Great job!!