"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, March 11, 2013

I Love a Challenge...

This coming weekend kicks off the start of race season for me! A St. Patty's day 15k!

I didn't ever research it, it just sounded fun, and you get a medal. So, count me in! Recently I looked up the course map which was described as "Challenging. Our toughest race. Very hilly."

Ehhh....well...I don't train on hills of any sort. I train flat. I have no time in mind since it's my first 15k, and as long as I finish without puking or having to have an impromtu "off road #2", (like in my final race last season) I'll consider it a win!

I also signed up for a challenge at my gym. I get some added perks like semi-private training, and a "diet system" which I'm not really following to a T since I already eat clean. However, I get 300 more calories a day that I'm enjoying, and carbs!! Healthy choices, but carbs nonetheless!

If I lose the most % of body fat in the 24 days, I could win a free years membership at my gym. And, since I'm frugal, AND I like a challenge, it's game on!

I signed up for my first semi-private class (4 people and a trainer) which was "only 30 minutes" so I still signed up for my regular spinning class immediately following.

But that "only 30 minute" class was brutal. It was 90 seconds of intense cardio, followed by 2 minutes of heavy weights. Later, rinse, repeat, non-stop.

To me, heavy was 10lbs. She took those from me, and handed me 20lbs. And, a 50lb bar for biceps and chest. Heh??!!

Suprisingly, I pushed thru though, since it was slow, controlled, timed weight lifting. I have to learn to trust my trainer.

And then I did spinning. And then I went home to rest for a minute on the couch, and I passed out before I even showered.

A challenge, indeed!


alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

you're totally going to wine the challenge, GET IT GIRL.

Teena said...

I wish I could find some of your ambition :)