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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Suit Yourself....

What women on earth enjoys bathing suit shopping?

I know "the rest of us" imagine models have a pretty easy go of it, but if you listen to them speak, even they hate their bodies, it's part of our "woman's curse". Along with cramps, mood swings, extra body fat, being emotional, PMS, periods, loving men, and childbirth. (I know there are more, but who has the time?)

I have not dipped the toes into a body of water since losing my last 65lbs. I was kind of excited to look for a suit this year, thinking I would hate it less, since there is much less of me to cover.

But alas....it's the same damned thing. Nothing is just right. I have arm flab. My inner thighs are fat. There is no boob support. A halter top strangles me, and makes me look hunched over. My cellulite is gone, but I have that little spot under my cheeks that is a crease and won't hold a pencil. (the sign of a firm rump is holding a pencil between your cheeks and your upper thigh....)

I am now down to the wire, as I have a swimming date with one of my besties this weekend. We are going to a pool that has waterslides, so I can't just get something that looks good, it has to also be functional, so I don't show the world my goods and get us kicked out!!

You either have to be super thin, have no boobs, or be old, and not care that the only suit that looks right on your body, and won't fall off has a skirt, or an ugly floral pattern, and no underwire.

Seriously? What am I doing wrong here? 

Where is the best place to find a great bathing suit? 


OBM.cle said...

J. Crew has GREAT bathing suits for all body types. And they are probably on sale right now too!

Debbie@ Live from La Quinta said...

I wish I could help but I'm right there with you. I haven't bought a bathing suit in years, so on the rare occasion I go swimming I wear a 10 year old bikini that does not hide my hysterectomy scars! Someday, I'll buy a more appropriate/flattering suit, but I dread the process too.

Jas said...

Bathing suit shopping is the bane of my existence. Nothing makes me hate my ass faster than putting on an ill fitting bottom.