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Monday, July 02, 2012

It's a Break....Not a Break Up...

Yes, I just may be a TV addict, but there are way worse things I could admit to.

Sadly...it's the end of an era for me.

I have long been in perfect relationship with my TiVo. Twelve years of happy.

TiVo knows what you like. It finds you awesome things to watch, and when you get home to check TiVo, you often find a show with your favorite person, or something you didn't know about. 

It has the charming "bloop, bloop" sound when you make selections. The peanut remote. The TiVo guy dances for you on your menu screens. TiVo gives you the option to learn more about things that are advertised on TV commercials at the push of a button.

TiVo lost local channels, and a few other cable channels last week. I kept thinking it was a fluke since I still get them on my newer reciever in my bedroom.

An hour with tech support proved I needed to download a software upgrade, either via a wireless router, or my landline. Neither of which I am a proud owner of. Besides, the cost of hooking up a landline or buying a router is greater than a simple box upgrade to DVR.

So, until I save up for the new fancy TiVo box, (which I could lease from Direct Tv, but after the initial fee, and monthly service, costs about 3 times as much as purchasing the new unit...) I am going to be like every other regular Joe in the world and have a plain old boring DVR.

Also, I will have to re-enter approximately 45 season passes into the new box.(This is minus all the ones I never cleaned out, I had about 60 canceled shows in there!!)

And set another 100 wish list items. (if DVR even has a wish list equivelant, who knows.)

I'm probably more sad about the lost relationship with TiVo, than any other in my life thus far.

12 years is a long time.

RIP TiVo. You served me well.


Carolyn G said...


Get Netflix! If I ever had to break up with Netflix, I would die.

Fizzgig said...

oh i am on netflix!! i just love it!! but i have to have my live weekly programming, that's how we survive in the office world!!