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Monday, December 05, 2011

I got to meet the great Tom Green...

I get to add Tom Green to the list of people I have stalked and successfully had a photo op with. The list is long.

And, because Magoo is the cutest dog ever, and his pictures with Santa and dog park tuckered him out, I give you "arm rest".


Allison M. said...

oh this Tom Green photo takes me back...what ever happened to him?

Carolyn G said...

OMG you stalked Tom Gree? Love it.

And to answer your question, we didn't go to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame this trip because we had no time but we went a few years ago and it was sucky. I expected so much more than it was. Boo.

Frances D said...

Hi Fizzgig - I am so sorry I haven't checked in. My birthday is coming up and of course I thought of my Sagg blogger.
Going to do spend some time scooting round your blog today.
Hugs from NYC

Fizzgig said...

he's doing stand up now! and, he is really funny too! I spent a few days stalking old youtube episodes of the tom green show, those were good times!

You gotta be pushy and you get what you want. Some day I'll use my powers for good! I'm glad you agree! i expected so much more, and at least the ability to take pictures! wtf?

well hello, fellow sagg!!!! It's our time! unite!!!

Teena in Toronto said...

Tom Green's been off my radar for year ... cool that you got a pic with him.

Mr. Magoo is too cute!

Fizzgig said...

What? a fellow Canadian? lol Me too but he was on our local radio show promoting his comedy show and it was on!!

Magoo is pretty handsome!! hes my little guy!